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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What's In My Handbag?

I've always enjoyed other people's "What's in my handbag" posts (mainly because I'm nosy as hell) and thought I'd share mine!
So, here is my handbag:

It's nothing special, just a black (p)leather one from TKMaxx, I think it was about £25 or so. It was selected on the basis of being big enough for me to carry an inordinate amount of stuff round with me, having sufficient pockets that I'd have a chance of finding said stuff when needed, and being considerably less broken than my previous handbag. I also liked the lining but that was incidental given that the strap on its predecessor broke when I was meant to be meeting a friend and I needed a speedy replacement.

No kitchen sink! That's about all I'm missing...
And here is all the crap I carry around with me on a day-to-day basis. Come September when I start back at uni you can expect this to also include refill pads, plastic wallets full of notes, text books and the like. I have recently had The Great Annual Bus Ticket Purge and thrown away God knows how many receipts and so on, so it's currently quite well organised *is proud*

Neutrogena hand cream because I suffer from eczema quite badly and it's the only thing that helps; 3D glasses from my (second) outing to see Harry Potter the other day; Jane Norman purse containing bank cards, driving licence and every loyalty card going, as well as a book of 2nd Class stamps and about £6.50 in cash; keys; inhaler; hairbrush.

My beloved pink diary which I'd be lost without - it's looking a bit grubby from having lived in my handbag for the last seven months; pens; notebook in which I write things like shopping lists and things I have to remember to do; headphones; sunglasses (Primark - £1) because I am life's eternal optimist.

A ridiculous quantity of hair bobbles and grips; Kleenex; chewing gum; bottle of water; scarf (from Primark last year, I think it was about £3)

Ah. My lip-product obsession is revealed... Also FCUK cool down spray which I've had years and rarely use even though it smells nice!

And this is my Purse of Useful Things. The purse itself was, I think, £1.49 from Superdrug, and contains:
Compeed, Ibuprofen, Strepsils, Plasters, Nail file, Nail clippers, Tweezers, yet more hair grips, wet wipes (kindly donated by KFC because I'm just that classy), mirror, spare earrings, and emergency chocolate.

So, there you have the everyday contents of my bag. 
What are your handbag essentials? Anything I should be carrying in case of Zombie apocalypses or other such unforeseen eventualities?


1 comment:

  1. I love the purse of useful things, perhaps that is where Sew Lomax for the idea from for their SOS kit ;) x


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