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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cheerful Tuesday #3

Here are a few things which have been making me happy over the last week or so. Hope you enjoy!

021. Drinking posh cider in the park. It's like being 14 all over again! (Note: It isn't really, I didn't drink until I was 19, but it always feels very underage-drinking-ish. somehow.)
Forgot to take 'before'
photos, whoops.
022. Being in my childhood bedroom. So many memories in here!
Many, many McFly posters :D
023. Pancakes. I always forget pancakes exist until someone reminds me and then I HAVE to have them. Mmm.
Borrowing my housemate's pretty red pan... Shush!
024. Pretty summer tops. Even/especially when the weather is horrific.
Primark's finest, great for attracting insectlife.
025. Leopard print. This belt is merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of how much leopard-print graces my wardrobe...
Had this years, a throwback to the 'emo' days...
026. Christina Aguilera's 'By Night' perfume. This is absolutely gorgeous!
027. Finding lovely new indie coffee shops, as mentioned in this post.
028. Cacti. I have several and they all have names. And what!?
Meet Nicholas.
029. Pretty bottles. My dad's taken to saving me bottles he fishes out of ditches or digs up in fields. Bless him.
030. Pretty tissue boxes. So much nicer to look at.
How cool are these!?

What's been making you guys happy lately? Hope you're all well!



  1. It was amazing! Got me drink far too quickly though haha.

  2. :O Love the McFly room!! Wish my mum could have kept my bedroom as it was before I moved out so I could go back and have a look! xoxo


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