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Monday, 1 August 2011

Hot Air Balloons

So. Yesterday I went to Meadowhall with my housemate on the premise of him needing shoes for a wedding he's going to in Italy on Tuesday (yes, I'm very jealous too). I went mainly to get out of the house, but also because I needed shampoo. What I did not need was a hot-air-balloon-print skirt... Yet that is precisely what I came home with!
I think we'd given up looking for shoes by the time we got into Republic to have a quick look through the sales... And I couldn't not buy it at £10! I'm sure my overdraft disagrees but I fell in love and had a bad case of HAVE.TO.GET.IT. syndrome.

Here she is!
 Here's a close-up of the print. I love how summery and pretty it is :)

Now comes the problem of having nothing to wear it with... I'm thinking a pale blue top or possibly a white vest top, although all my white vest tops seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet.What do you think? Have you grabbed any great bargains lately?

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