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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Message In A Bottle.

I will start this post with a brief explanation of what is to follow.
My best friend, Rachel, and I start every year by writing a list of things we plan to achieve over the course of the next twelve months. This year, our lists included such things as 'Learn to use chop sticks', 'Go to Scotland', 'Road Trip somewhere', 'Host a Dinner Party for whoever we can drag in off the streets' and 'Fish Pedicures'. Generally, once we reach mid-November, we begin to panic as we realise that our lists are largely uncompleted. This year, we determined to be more organised. Thus, we intended to spend Monday and Tuesday this week ticking off as many items as possible. We managed to get 'Accompany Duckie on a Trip' (Duckie is a giant inflatable rubber duck - bear with me here...), 'Pilate-ee as much as possible' (once counts, right?!), 'Send a message in a bottle' and 'Fly a kite'. Much hilarity ensued and we essentially spent two days covered in mud and giggling manically.

Wine bottle sealed with half a candle.
Launching the bottle..!
Wallowing, as it were.
Meet Duckie. And my rather successful
kite-flying :D
A nice long walk around the vicinity of Kendal.
Rachel demonstrates barbed-wire limbo.
Rope swing over a river. 
Recovering in the beer garden with this view.
So all-in-all it's been a lovely few days - mud, poo, rain, blood, giant ducks, sea, blisters the size of golf balls, cider, pubs, and my best friend. What more could you want?
(My most sincere apologies for the shoddy quality of some of these pictures, taken on my phone in heavy rain, and for the state I'm in. I have no excuse, really.)
Hope you're all well!


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