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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Model's Own 50% Off Sale!

I know I'm a bit late to this party really, but let's call it fashionably late, eh? ;)
So, the Model's Own 50% Off Sale in celebration of them having reached 50,000 fans on Facebook - An ideal opportunity for me to try out a few more things from their range. I've just clicked 'Checkout' on my order and received a confirmation, so here is what I have treated myself to.
First up, eyes:
The 'Black + Green Sparkle' and 'Orangeade' shades of powder eyeshadow, usually retailing at £5 each.

The 'Phantom Black' and 'Mash-Up Mauve' shades of cream eyeshadow, again usually £5 each.

The Glitter Eye Pencil in 'Too Turquoise', also normally retailing at £5.

And 'Green Mist', a powder eyeshadow duo which normally sells for £5.

Next, nails:
Nail polish in 'Green Grass', another item which will normally cost you £5.

The Pink shade of Smash Up nail polish, usually selling for £6.

I've also treated myself to a Nail Art Pen, normal price £6, and the 3-in-1 base coat/top coat/gloss polish since I've nearly used all of my existing base and top coats.
Altogether, this little lot would normally come to £52 but with the discount, it was a mere £26, which includes free delivery as I was over £25! I am now anxiously awaiting my goodies' arrival and will no doubt be sharing some of them with you all very soon. (Dead links removed, apologies for any inconvenience caused.)
Have any of you guys taken advantage of the massive Model's Own sale? What bargains have you been snapping up?


1 comment:

  1. Aw I had a HUGE list of stuff that I ordered on Tues when the sale started, turned out even though they said they had received my order it didn't go through? Had to order all over again minus a few items that became sold out over the week :(


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