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Thursday, 11 August 2011


Hopefully this will, as promised, be a slightly more interesting post than yesterday's ramblings...
As I mentioned, I headed into town ("Town" being Lancaster, Lancashire) this morning to catch up with some friends. This included two separate visits to two separate independent coffee shops with two different friend/s. If you're in Lancaster I strongly recommend checking out one or even both!
Firstly, in a vain attempt to escape the rain, we headed to the Yummy Cupcake Company which, as the name suggests, sells yummy cupcakes, along with a range of hot and cold drinks. Equipped with two Mocha Cupcakes, a cappuccino and a hot chocolate, we sat ourselves down and spent a considerable amount of time eating Yummy Cake and drinking Yummy Drinks. I love this shop, I make a point of popping in every time I'm home from Uni and they also, I believe, have a stall on the outdoor market on Wednesdays and Saturdays selling a selection of their cupcakes. Unfortunately I entirely forgot to take any pictures but have a look at their website for an idea of what's on offer.
After a brief detour to switch friends, I headed to a new coffee shop which has popped up since I was last home, the Novel Cafe in New Street. This combines what have to be two of my favourite things - books and eating/drinking. They have a huge number of second-hand paperbacks which you are welcome to read with your food and drink, and which are also offered for sale (at very reasonable prices, but I resisted!) should you like what you see. Here, I did remember to take photos:

Comfy sofas :D
All the books. Sorry about the quality.
Rosa's mocha.
My white-chocolate hot chocolate. Nom!
There is also a children's play area and additional seating upstairs, which I didn't have time to visit as I had to run for the train... I have it on reliable information that the toilets were very nice!

Hope you're all well and haven't drowned yet...

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  1. I love coffee shops and could sit in them all day. Would totally love to open a quaint little cafe one day! x


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