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Saturday, 6 August 2011

We Got No Fears Of Growing Old, We Got No Worries In The World

Did I mention I was meeting McFly yesterday? If you follow me on Twitter, or happen to have noticed the Twitter feed on the right, the answer will be a resounding YES.
I will try to reign in my Harry-induced enthusiasm and keep this short (by the way, I managed to refrain from proposing, although I did tell Dougie he was amazing and I love him...)
I went on my own because none of my friends are interested, but once waiting inside the only other girl over the age of about 15 made a beeline for me - Larissa was also on her own and had a camera! She offered to take some pictures for me and email me them so I wouldn't be relying on my phone. I love McFly fans, they're all so friendly. We managed to recruit about twenty people to start singing 'Happy Birthday' as McFly came into the room, as it was coincidentally 8 years to the day since McFly's lineup as a band was completed!
As promised, by the time I got home, Larissa had already emailed me the pictures. Here are my favourites. They're mostly taken by Larissa but a couple are mine :)

Dougie plays a highly out-of-tune guitar someone
brought to be signed.

Jesss makes a fool of herself...
Dougie: "How are you?"
Jesss: "I'm terrified! I love you, you're amazing!"

I'd composed myself slightly by this point... I'd like to
introduce you to my future husband, Harry <3
 Unfortunately we spent so long queueing to talk to Harry that Tom and Danny had to leave before we could get photos with them - I cried. Tom's bodyguard was not sympathetic.

Looking a little French, non?

Danny was still signing things as he left, bless him.


To make up for the disappointment of not properly meeting Tom or Danny, I indulged in a little retail therapy before catching my train home, so I will be sharing my purchases with you soon!
Have a good weekend everyone and I promise not to mention McFly for at least a week now!

(Title: 'No Worries' by, of course, McFly ;D)


  1. Thanks for the follow! I'm so jealous you met mcfly, they were my first ever concert x


  2. arr theyre so cute. looks like so much fun. dougie gets hotter by the day.

    Helen, X


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