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Monday, 29 August 2011

Wish List: If I Wasn't A Poor Student

A current bank account balance of -£1,268.47 (Thank God for interest-free overdrafts on student accounts!) is stopping me buying anything other than essentials now, at least until loan day (21 days to go!), which is of course making me want to buy EVERYTHING I see. I decided to indulge these urges a little with a 'Wish List' type post - I always enjoy these on other people's blogs, so let me know what you think of my wantings.
Wish List 29082011
Pretty dresses - Impractical eyeshadows - CK Summer perfume - Leopard print boots - Hedgehog earrings - Teal-coloured jeans - Hello Kitty purse - Alexander McQueen chain belt - Sheer blouses - Animal rings

What's on your wish lists at the moment?



  1. There are about a million things on my wishlist that I can't afford, but I've taken to trawling through ebay to find what I want, haha!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  2. enjoyed reading your posts and following your blog now!



  3. Love the Leopard Print Boots <3.

    Sadie xx

  4. Mmm I have CK One Summer, it's lovely although it may have to be put away soon for next summer... booo!

  5. Don't you find that's always the way though? When you have no money you want to buy everything and when you actually have some you can't find anything!
    Love the top and the leopard print boots! xx

  6. I need leopard boots in my life! I've been scouting ebay for a bright pink pair for ages but still no luck :(


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