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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cheerful Tuesday #7

060. Crazy heavy rain. Either when you're outside in it, getting soaked, or inside, warm and dry, listening to it.
061. On a similar note; paddling. Even when it's the middle of September and the only reason you're paddling is because the floods on the footpath are too deep for your wellies...
062. Reviving cheesy 90s music. Currently listening to the Spice Girls...

063. Cats. My friend has a new cat and, despite being violently allergic to him, I want to steal him. Such a cutie.

064. Minis. I've had a bit of an obsession with them since I learnt that they're Tom from McFly's favourite car. Easily pleased? Me?

065. Feathers. They're like magic!

066. Big woolly socks in the middle of winter. Being able to feel my toes is such a luxury!

067. Reading New Scientist. I'm such a geek.

068. Libraries. Just the sight of all those books makes me happy!

069. Over-stuffed armchairs and open fires.

070. Fish. There's something so nice about watching fish. Once I caught a fish in a lake with my hands, just to see if I could. I put it back, don't worry! It was only about two inches long...

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  1. Apart from the New Scientist, I love all these things!!! Excellent choices.Especially the Minis, big wooly socks and rain (although I prefer to be dry inside listening to it!) xxx

  2. Love the cat!!

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