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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cheerful Tuesday #9

081. Playing with pretty new orange eyeshadow. (Models Own Orangeade)

082. Wearing awesome t-shirts I won off lovely people :)

083. Highlighters. Also having something to do with my brain again. And the prospect of starting my dissertation.

084. Makings lists. It's what I do when I'm feeling anxious and fidgety. Recently discovered Listography and I'm in my element.

085. Face masks/providing hilarity for male housemates who just don't understand these things...

086. Pretty headbands.

087. Being a student and using vouchers for EVERYTHING.

088. Hilariously-titled articles in scholarly journals. Wtf?!

089. Harry Judd. I know I've had McFly before but... Look at him! Especially as a vampire. Yum!

090. Halloween. This is me as a vampire last year. Apologies for the poor quality..


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