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Friday, 2 September 2011

Foodie Friday #6: Chicken Curry

This is a made-up recipe invented (and, therefore, easily adapted, fridge-contents-dependent) to use up random bits and pieces. This makes enough for 2-3 people and I used:
Start by chopping up your vegetables and chicken breasts.
Add a splash of olive oil to a large frying pan and add the
tarragon, coriander, curry powder and garlic. Mix to form
a sort of paste.
Add the chopped chicken and toss to coat thoroughly.
Fry over a medium heat for five minutes or so, tossing to
cook evenly.
Add your vegetables, along with enough boiling water to
almost cover. Simmer for twenty mintutes or so, or until
everything is cooked, adding more water if necessary. Mix the
cornflour with a couple of tablespoons of hot water
and stir into the liquid to thicken.
Served with boiled wholemeal rice.
I used about two tablespoons of curry powder and about a teaspoon each of the coriander and tarragon, but it's up to you how much you want to add. Whatever you do, don't do what I did and think, 'I'll just leave this to simmer for five minutes and pop upstairs to read a couple of blogs...' then get horrendously distracted and return twenty minutes later to a blackened (though fortunately not beyond salvage) mess. Well, it tasted alright!



  1. Mmm, looks yummy!! I love these dishes.

    Sadie xx

  2. No harm no foul. :) HUGE curry fan, this one looks like a success! I'ma hafta try it.


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