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Monday, 19 September 2011

I'm back!

So I've been a bit AWOL over the last couple of weeks, I apologise for that. I've been at home and been pretty busy with seeing friends before they all disappear back off to Uni, catching up with family and of course spending some time with my man before I'm back at Uni and I'll hardly get to see him again as he works full time and it's all very complicated and sad.
Anyway, I'm back in civilisation now with a decent Internet connection and two weeks' of post waiting for me on my return! I also have a lot of blog-reading to catch up on and I have my induction for my third and final year at Uni on Friday so I'm going to be busy - this is a good thing!
This is just a quick catch-up post really to let you all know where I've been and also to share this with you. You may remember I won Lyzi's blog birthday giveaway a few weeks ago and, as part of my prize, was being sent a t-shirt from Total Jerk. I'd actually forgotten all about this so it was an ace surprise when I got home this afternoon!
Heap of post :D
There's a postcard off my friend, a sample of lipgloss from 2True, a sample of perfume from Burberry, some samples of girly products from Bodyform and a package off Total Jerk. :D
The lovely boys apparently took a while to post this (not that I'd have known since I've been away..) and so they sent me not just the t-shirt I'd chosen as my prize but also two others! How lovely is that?! They're all really nice as well, good quality and totally things I'll wear - I'll hopefully show you some of them in outfit posts sometime soon!

I'm also throwing in a picture of some lovely Cumbrian countryside from a bike ride I went on last week (the only day last week it didn't rain..!) and a gratuitous shot of myself in lycra 'wheeeee'ing down a hill...

Hope you're all well lovelies!



  1. It's nice when you get a surprise in the post! Whereabouts in Cumbria were you?

  2. Thanks guys!
    @Lizzy I was at home in the South Lakes cycling round the Kendal/Lyth Valley kind of area :)



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