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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Some Exciting News!

So, I mentioned on Thursday that I'd had some exciting news on Tuesday. A few of you might have guessed what this was (indeed, it's probably why more than a few of you are here - hello! :D). I got an email off the wonderful and very talented Lyzi over at Being Little. I'm sure I'm not the only one who really enjoyed her week-long look back over her first year of blogging, and I was the extremely lucky winner of her birthday giveaway! Lyzi is one of my favourite bloggers so I was so excited to hear from her about this!
Yesterday morning the postman arrived (while I was in the shower, typically) with a beautifully packaged box of treats, which I'm very excited about showing you all!
Here is the box, all beautifully packaged!
Once I'd contained my excitement and carefully
cut my way in...

And I'm going to show you the goodies individually so you can see everything properly. It occurs to me that this post may get quite long, so consider yourselves duly warned.
First up, a beautifully wrapped bracelet from Wallpaper Rose. This came with a lovely little floral patterned button badge and I absolutely love the bracelet - it has a little boat charm along with two hearts, a yellow bead and a little blue crystal, as you can see in the pictures below. There are some absolutely gorgeous things on their website so I highly recommend having a look. You can also like them on Facebook here.


Next up, a lovely organza gift bag from Little Fille, which contained a beautiful red polka-dot headband, which, again, I absolutely love! You can find their shop here for lots more lovely goodies.

I know we've all just come down off a Models Own high following their 50% off sale, but I was no less excited to get this set of polishes - you can never have too much nail polish, right? I've not had chance to try these all out on my nails yet but I think Lilac Fantasy will be my favourite!
L-R: Buff Pink, Peach Puff, Lilac Fantasy, Lilac Dream,
Red Red Wine, Cherry Pie.
There used to be a Roly's Fudge shop in the city I went to school in, but it closed after a few months, so I was more excited than you can imagine about this little bag! There's also a packet of 'Mesembryanthemum' seeds (not a clue how to even begin to pronounce that!) - for us non-gardening folk, that's pretty multi-coloured daisies. Daisies are one of my favourite flowers so I will have fun with these :)

A lovely stripey bag with a little pocket and A FLOWERY KITTY! How cute is he, seriously?! He's adorable, I can't stop looking at him! Also tucked into the pocket with Kitty were two Bourjois lipglosses which, again, I've yet to try but the colours look gorgeous.

A print of one of Lyzi's illustrations (I'm not sure what to do with this, I'm tempted to stick it on my wall because it's so cute but it's too nice to risk damaging it!) and a print from Seventy Tree, with two little postcards tucked in the back. Again, I'll probably be saving this until I have a house of my own and can frame it and put it up properly as it deserves. I have to say how apt this is because I am a firm believer that Tea Helps With Anything - I have been known, on the phone to hysterical recently-single friends at 4 am, to instruct them to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. It helps!

Another beautifully wrapped treasure, this time from Crown and Glory accessories, a page I've had bookmarked for months because everything in their shop is amazing and I want it all. You can like them on Facebook here and follow their blog here. My lovely package contained four hair grips with white flowers, and a coral-coloured turban style headband. Again, I love them both! 

Last but certainly not least was this gorgeous little package from Velvet Feather, which contained a dinky little golden phial full of lavender flowers, on a gold chain. I love this and, looking at their shop, I love pretty much everything!

I feel very lucky to have won this and had the chance to have a look at some gorgeous bits and pieces! I'm sure you'll agree that they're all beautiful, and I really do recommend having a look at all their shops.
Also included in my (very very amazing) prize is a t-shirt from Total Jerk, which is being sent separately. I chose the 'No Brainer' shirt, I'll be sure to show you guys when it arrives!
Thank you once more to the lovely Lyzi for all these lovely goodies!



  1. What lovely gifts! You are lucky :D I'd never seen that blog before! Will have to add it to my blog roll :) love it!

  2. I sooo wanted to win this! :) Lovely blog dear :) xxxx


  3. Oh I love lyzi's blog, congrats on winning :)

    L x

  4. Oh you're so lucky! Great prizes!

  5. wow congratulations - some great prizes. Love her blog too!

    Helen, X

  6. wow!!!glad that u received that! the package is full of wonderful things.

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  7. wow that stuff looks good - especially the fudge!!

  8. My, my! I'm gutted I missed out on even entering this comp, but the prizes were so fantastic! Congrats on winning, lovely.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  9. Such a cute blog you have! I am your new follower. Would be great if you follow me too:-)
    Ask Erena

  10. wow so lovely, lucky you :)



  11. I totally didn't twig you were the same person who won! I saw the Being Little post but didn't realise. You lucky thing!! Amazing presents. I'd love to recieve something like that in the post!

  12. this is such a good gift, the wrapping is beauttt!
    I just came across your blog whilst browsing, i really like your style, the photos are amazing, i am now a follower!
    Im new to blogging to would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow me back! Thankyou so much, love Lo xxx


  13. Ohh this is so cute! I want the flowery kitty O_O!

    Oh mann the postman always comes when i'm in prancing around in my underthings <_> i have to scurry around to find something to throw on! xx

  14. Really glad the package reached you safely, and that you like your prizes :) very sweet post :) xxx

  15. You lucky devil you......these prizes are awesome.

    come and visit my blog if you like illustration, vintage, thrifting, d.i.y ideas.....



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