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Friday, 23 September 2011

Lately & An Origins Parcel

As the title suggests, this is just a brief update on my day (nothing very exciting, sorry!) and a quick review/description/not sure what to call it...
I think I've mentioned this week is Freshers which has of course meant much drinking and hilarity, but also means the Freebie Fair at the student union. This was widely expected in my house to be a bit pointless and not really worth getting out of bed for. However, I discovered by chance there would also be free pizza. Consider us there, we said.
This is as much explanation as I can offer for the huge number of free pens my room is now overrun with. Halfway-decent freebies included a bottle of Lucozade, toffee popcorn and USB memory sticks from Vodafone, Skittles (four of them, no joke) from a local boutique, suncream from T-Mobile, and the aforementioned pizza. Also included; eight thousand flyers for various student nights none of us will attend, balloons, beer mats, maps of the tram network (!?) and a 'Student Survival Guide' containing such gems of wisdom as, "If you don't already drink and smoke, now is the time to start." Erm, no thanks, I think I'll give lung cancer a miss.
There they are look. One-two-three-four.
Also today I have eaten brownies for breakfast (I made the brownies from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook last night, yum!) and attended an induction session at Uni in which they attempted to convince us that really all our final year will need is for us to turn up to our lectures and not leave our dissertations until March. I feel like there's something they're not telling us...

Also, before I forget, here is another of the t-shirts the lovely Total Jerk boys sent me. I had to behead myself due to the horrific face I was pulling, something akin to a mass murderer, so apologies if you particularly wanted to see my face today - it's for the best, I assure you. Worn with my new Primark tights, last season's Primark glittery socks because it was COLD, Matalan denim skirt and a cardi I've had so long I don't even remember where I bought it anymore.

I also got a package in the post today - my order from Origins, shipped very promptly and nicely packaged.

The full-size product I ordered, the Never A Dull Moment Cleanser, came with four samples of other products, three of which I chose myself and one of which is a new product. The one I'm most excited about is the VitaZing SPF15 moisturiser, which I picked because I figured you can't go wrong with a good SPF. What I didn't realise is that it's a dead clever tinted moisturiser which comes out of the tube white but adjusts to your skin tone! How exciting. Obviously I've not had chance to try it out properly yet but the reviews on the site are all very favourable and I'm looking forward to trying it. It's not cheap at £26 for 50ml but it looks like a little will go a long way and it would act as moisturiser whilst reducing the amount of foundation needed, so it may be a worthwhile investment. We'll see!
The other samples I chose were A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea, which retails at £17 for 150ml and smells AMAZING, and Brighter By Nature Skin Tone Correcting Serum, £34 for 30ml, which I'm also quite excited about trying out. Also included was a small sachet of Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment, which I can't find a full-size for on the website. I'm not really old enough for anti-aging treatments yet at the grand old age of 19, but I do love eye treatments so I'll be giving this one a go too!
And that's it for today really guys! Have any of you ever bought from Origins? What are your essential items?



  1. Lol the skittles made me laugh, I can't believe they only gave you four! :) X

  2. lmao at the skittles wow how generous of them! Oo i love the hummingbird bakery! Is the book any good ?? they look so yummy i am jealous :p xx

  3. FOUR WHOLE SKITTLES? don't eat them all at once now.

  4. Lol don't eat all the skittles at once!

  5. I love hearing about other peoples freshers experiences. I start a week tomorrow and I am so nervous, but I am really looking forward to the freebies :D what do you study? where do you go? xxx

  6. @Becky - The Hummingbird book is amaaazing, I've made quite a few things from it and they've all been yummy. Definite recommendation! xo

    @Jess - I'm just starting my final year studying Psychology at Sheffield Hallam. Good luck with your course, I'm sure you'll love it, and it goes so fast so make sure you make the most of every moment! Have a great time at Freshers :) xo

  7. You make me feel old! I'm in my last year and coming up to 21! How did you manage to be in your final year and so young? Haha I've been told you haveto start with anti0ageing products from 21 onwards, but seeing as I don't cleanse/tone/moisturise anyway I highly doubt I'll start using funky anti-wrinkle products lol!

    As for freshers I can't wait, our freshers fair is on monday tuesday and weds, as I'm working it that means free pizza every day, WOOHOO! Shame about the skittles though :P


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