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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

'Release the Kraken!'

Hey guys.
I've not been posting much lately, sorry. I've just had nothing to say and, to be fair, very little time to say it in!
Just a quick update here, lately I have been:
  • Entering pub quizzes with the team name 'Release the Kraken'. We won a tenner which is £2 each... Still exciting!
  • Going out for the first time in three weeks - I know, call myself a student! No idea what I'm doing in this photo.
  • Having meetings with my dissertation project supervisor, the first half of which she spent trying to talk me out of including EEGs in my project, which was the main reason I wanted to do that project...
  • Doing a lot of reading about the effects of depression on cognitive functions, EEGs and how to read them and what they mean, the effects of various drugs on various brain systems (including the mesocorticolimbic system, which sounds impressive!) and child abuse, amongst other things.
  • Spending an obscene amount of money on printer ink.
  • Listening to Blink-182's new album and being not-massively-impressed. It's okay...
  • This weekend I'll be going home for my best friend's 21st and seeing family. Happy times, I've not seen any of them in nearly six weeks now!
And that's about it, I'm afraid to say! Hope you guys are all keeping well.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Songs #11: Breathe Carolina

A song that was recommended to me recently by a friend and which I immediately fell in love with. This is taken from their album 'Hell Is What You Make It', which I am intending to buy ASAP! Hope you guys like it.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Remember The Stars

I had a horrible night last night. Nothing happened to bring it on, I just felt terrible. I spent the evening cheering myself up with inspirational stories and decided I'd go and get the tattoo I've been wanting for years, today. So I did!

I got the heart nearly two years ago now, it's very personal and means a lot to me. I've mentioned To Write Love On Her Arms before, and that's basically what it means. They're an organisation offering hope to people suffering with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. You can read more about them here, and also read the story from which I got 'Remember the stars'. It's about how, no matter how crap things seem, we always have hope. Sometimes I need to be reminded of that.
It's hard for me to talk about this actually, I might be studying Psychology but it's very different when it's so personal. Anyway, I just wanted to share my new tattoo with you guys. I'm absolutely in love with it. I got it done by Ricky at Feline Tattooing in Sheffield and they were really good, the highest of recommendations from me!
Hope you guys are all well!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ten Facts

Hey guys!
I don't have much to talk about at the moment I'm afraid, my day has involved a lot of rain, a seminar and a lecture at University, going to the post office to collect a parcel (my new shoes!), doing a lot of reading for my Clinical Psychology module, eating ice-cream to help my sore throat, curry, and a trip to the gym shortly. Exciting stuff, eh!?
So I thought I'd do a 'Ten random facts about me' type thing again, just to let you guys know a little bit more about me. I'd love to hear a random fact about any of you in the comments so feel free to share!

01. I live with two boys and yet I'm the one everyone runs to, screaming, upon finding a spider/moth/wasp/other insect in our house. Seriously, is it so hard to open the window and let it out!?

02. I'm in my final year of my Psychology degree now and I'm doing modules in Addictive Behaviours, Atypical Child Development, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, as well as my Research Project/Dissertation. So far I love them all!

03. I'm an obsessive sticking-things-on-the-wall person. It's therapeutic to do and therapeutic to look at and means I know where all my photos, gig tickets, train tickets, business cards etc. are! It does, however, mean I go through an obscene amount of Blu Tack...

04. I have serious attention problems. I can't concentrate on one thing for more than about ten minutes - this afternoon I've been making notes and I don't think I've written more than about five lines in a go before I've decided that it's crucial that I reorganise my wardrobe/clean the kitchen/check my Facebook/you get the picture. This is okay at the start of the semester but once deadlines begin looming (as deadlines are so fond of doing) it becomes problematic. I tend to alleviate this problem by avoiding such distractions, and this is why you will find me in the Library at Uni at 9am tomorrow, even though I'm technically off all day. Dedication or what!?

05. I like cooking, particularly of the experimental variety. Prime example: Once I fancied bacon sandwiches, and Rob was craving curry... So we made bacon curry and had it in sandwiches rather than with rice. It was actually really good!

06. I find travelling on trains calming mostly, although they have also brought on panic attacks in the past, weirdly enough. They don't even have to be busy, sometimes I just don't seem to be able to deal with them. It's really strange.

07. I don't know what I want to do with my life. At the moment I'm considering several options: Clinical Psychologist, working with addiction sufferers, something to do with neuroscience, working with children/teaching, and some kind of sports psychology. These change regularly and it doesn't help that now I'm in third year, every other day someone tells me I ought to be planning The Rest Of My Life. Eek!

08. I have ridiculously massive feet (no, seriously, I'm a size eight) and really short legs. Somehow I manage to look in proportion most of the time but I cannot find trousers to fit. This isn't helped by the fact that my thighs are stupidly out of proportion with the rest of me - if trousers fit over my thighs, they are huge on my waist. If they fit my waist, I can't move my legs. Argh!

09. I'm unsure of my natural hair colour. I've dyed my hair since I was about 13 and I've had it black, blue, various shades of red, purple, pink, blonde/orange (only for a few days at a time when I've bleached it though!) and brunette. I'm bored again and thinking of going blonde even though it will most likely look horrific.

10. I have an (apparently unhealthy) obsession with leopard print - we're talking shoes, tights, socks, skirts, tops, sunglasses, head bands, earrings, bangles, scarves, brollies, dressing gowns, purses... I'm considering a leopard print tattoo down my shoulder. I can't explain it, it happened overnight and now I love it!

And here are my new shoes. They're nothing too exciting, just to replace my sadly worn-out Osiris trainers which I've had two years and which now leak like you wouldn't believe. I say replace, I'm not actually planning to throw them away, they'll merely be relegated to Sunny-Day-Footwear ;)

Hope I haven't bored you too much with these & that you're all doing well!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I saw this last night on Gina's blog and thought it was really cool, so I decided to steal borrow it to share on here! Let me know if any of you guys give this a go, I love having a nosey at people's handwriting!

1. Forename and name of blog.
2. URL of blog.
3. Write 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'.
4. Favourite quotation.
5. Favourite song.
6. Favourite music artist(s).
7. Anything else you want to say.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cheerful Tuesday #10

091. Johnny Depp. How can anyone not be cheered by such a man of beauty?! Mmmm.

092. Beautiful Autumn skies. I don't know how long I've spent taking photos of the sky over our street in the last few days. Good job the neighbours already think I'm mental...

093. Zebra print nails. My new favourite! (Models Own Peach Puff & Models Own/Wah Nails Nail Art Pen)

094. My beautiful new screwdriver set. I feel like a man - it's great!

095. Ireland. I had a week there with some friends the summer before I started University. It's such a gorgeous country!

096. Glitter. Who doesn't love glitter!? And what's wrong with them?

097. Rivers. The sound of running water is really calming, I love walking next to rivers.

098. Hedgehogs. So cute!

099. Autumn colours.

100. Matching underwear. It's the little things...


Monday, 3 October 2011

{Insert pun featuring 'foxy' here}

This is becoming too frequent for my liking, but apologies for my recent lack-of-posting. No excuses, just sorry.
To make up for it I went shopping yesterday!
Primark: Leopard print scarf £4; Umbrella £4; Heart
print scarf £3; Green tights £2.
Dorothy Perkins sale: £15 (£12 with student discount!)
Charity Shop (originally Primark): £1.50
Primark: £6
You can never have too many scarves, right? I needed a new umbrella, I got a pair of these tights the other week and love them so much I've bought a second pair, and I can't resist a sale apparently! I love the little sleeping foxies on the dress too.
And here are a couple of pics of my weekend - my best friend came to stay with me and we had much fun regressing to around age eight - climbing walls and trees, and microwaving jelly babies "to see what happens to them"...

Hope you're all well lovelies!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Songs #10: The Cab

This band was an iTunes recommendation last week and, although I can't see how they got this from Four Year Strong, I do love them! I downloaded the album 'Symphony Soldier' and like every song on it, this is my favourite. I love the line, "We're all just kids who grew up way too fast, yeah, the good die young but the great will always last." A beautiful song, hope you enjoy it :)

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