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Monday, 3 October 2011

{Insert pun featuring 'foxy' here}

This is becoming too frequent for my liking, but apologies for my recent lack-of-posting. No excuses, just sorry.
To make up for it I went shopping yesterday!
Primark: Leopard print scarf £4; Umbrella £4; Heart
print scarf £3; Green tights £2.
Dorothy Perkins sale: £15 (£12 with student discount!)
Charity Shop (originally Primark): £1.50
Primark: £6
You can never have too many scarves, right? I needed a new umbrella, I got a pair of these tights the other week and love them so much I've bought a second pair, and I can't resist a sale apparently! I love the little sleeping foxies on the dress too.
And here are a couple of pics of my weekend - my best friend came to stay with me and we had much fun regressing to around age eight - climbing walls and trees, and microwaving jelly babies "to see what happens to them"...

Hope you're all well lovelies!


  1. Too true - a girl can never have enough scarf's I have so many its unreal!

  2. I have that fox dress! I got it when I met up with an old friend in town and didn't plan to spend much money because I was short but I was shocked at the price and I HAD to have it! Too short with tights but with leggings it looks perfect! Liking your style :)
    Oh & thanks for the blog comment, appreciate it :)

  3. Nice buys!


  4. I love that dress too! It wasnt long enough for my stupidly long body!

  5. I love the floral top so pretty! :)


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