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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

'Release the Kraken!'

Hey guys.
I've not been posting much lately, sorry. I've just had nothing to say and, to be fair, very little time to say it in!
Just a quick update here, lately I have been:
  • Entering pub quizzes with the team name 'Release the Kraken'. We won a tenner which is £2 each... Still exciting!
  • Going out for the first time in three weeks - I know, call myself a student! No idea what I'm doing in this photo.
  • Having meetings with my dissertation project supervisor, the first half of which she spent trying to talk me out of including EEGs in my project, which was the main reason I wanted to do that project...
  • Doing a lot of reading about the effects of depression on cognitive functions, EEGs and how to read them and what they mean, the effects of various drugs on various brain systems (including the mesocorticolimbic system, which sounds impressive!) and child abuse, amongst other things.
  • Spending an obscene amount of money on printer ink.
  • Listening to Blink-182's new album and being not-massively-impressed. It's okay...
  • This weekend I'll be going home for my best friend's 21st and seeing family. Happy times, I've not seen any of them in nearly six weeks now!
And that's about it, I'm afraid to say! Hope you guys are all keeping well.



  1. good luck with the diss - i actually loved researching and writing mine x

  2. I love your outfit! Harry Judd is worth a broken wrist I agree! Stunning to the max! Thank you for your comment!


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