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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Stolen Thunder

I noticed a banner for Stolen Thunder on Laura's blog, and given that I'm currently procrastinating in a major way (cleaning bathrooms>writing essays. Sad but true) I couldn't resist having a bit of a peek. Now I'm wishing I had resisted because I cannot afford all the lovely things I want.
HOWEVER, if you like Stolen Thunder on Facebook, you can sign up to their newsletter to receive a £10 voucher, and enter a competition to win £100 worth of goodies - sounds good to me!

Wooden Kite Necklace
Kite Necklace, £23
This necklace is just adorable and I can see it working well with a plain top or dress, I love it!
babushka face stud earrings
Babushka Earrings, £10
I'm also currently cursing my stretched ear piercings because how cute are these earrings!? 
Gold Rose Ring
Gold Rose Ring, £41
This ring would be perfect with a little black dress or something sequined for the party season.
Damn my student budget! Is there anything you guys have your eyes on at the moment? Please share and help make my need to win the lottery a little stronger!


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