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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I'm sure I'm not the only person who got a litttttle bit over-excited at the launch of the MUA website a couple of weeks ago and spent way more than they should have... Well anyway, my order arrived this morning. It has taken a while to get here but MUA emailed me to say they'd had a lot of orders and would be including a free bag with my order to apologise, and then again to say they were out of stock of one of the items I'd ordered, asking if there was anything they could send me in the meantime to say sorry. So I'm not complaining, fab customer service! So, here is what I bought:

Nail polish in Shade 03; Blusher in Shade 02; Trio Eyeshadow in 'Passion'; Quad Eyeshadow in 'Smokin'; Dusk Til Dawn Palette. The Lipstick is Shade 02, which was what I asked for when they emailed to see if there was anything I'd like as the Nail polish in Shade 22 was out of stock (This will be sent to me when they've restocked). MUA also had on an offer where if you spent over £8 on their website, they sent you the Immaculate Collection palette for FREE!
Here's a closer look at my goodies:


As you can see, the blusher is a lovely peach-pink with a slight shimmer. It's really well pigmented and goes on nicely.

The Eyeshadow Trio (£2.50) comes with a Mini Masterclass on the back which tells you how to apply the colours. Again, they're really well pigmented and I'm very happy with them, although there's quite a bit of fall-out.

Lipstick with and without flash. This is a nice dark-pink shade which goes on nicely and lasts quite well.

The Immaculate Collection contains 24 Eyeshadow shades, a mixture of mattes and glittery numbers which will be great for the festive period! As a freebie this is amazing and even at the RRP of £8 this is an absolute bargain. I've not had chance to have a play with any of these yet but I'm looking forward to it! Again, there's a mini masterclass on the back with a suggestion on how to apply some of the colours for a 'Green Smoulder' look.

And finally, the nail polish shade 03 is another nice bright pink - this is two coats and that's all it needs to be opaque. It's a little tricky to apply because of the teeny tiny brush but as long as you're careful it's fine, and well worth the £1 I paid for it!
I've just realised I totally forgot to take photos of the Smokin' Quad - whoops!
When my order arrived, there was something missing - I'd ordered two of the Dusk Til Dawn palette so I could give one as a Christmas present, but MUA had only sent me one. I emailed them and got a very quick response asking whether I'd like the palette sending on once they've re-stocked, or whether I'd like something else instead. I opted to wait for the re-stock and asked to have it sent to my home address (instead of at Uni), which they were more than happy to do. Like I said, can't fault their customer service!
Overall, despite a waiting a while for my order and a couple of glitches, I'd be more than happy to order from MUA again! Did any of you guys order soon after the website launched? Did you get the free Immaculate Collection? What do you think?



  1. I'm also MUA obsessed :) Lovely to hear someone else has a running goal this year, I think I'll join you in trying to hit 500 miles this year...10 miles a week, easy?! Good luck!x

  2. Wow that was one huge haul blimey! Have you managed to us it all by now? x

  3. These palettes look stunning! I should try more with their products x

    Pink Frenzy


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