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Friday, 27 January 2012

Breaking The Spending Ban

I may have been a little bit naughty since the implementation of my spending ban..
I blame my housemate for taking me to Meadowhall to stop him spending too much money, which resulted in my buying a dress, two skirts, a necklace and a cuff bracelet. Whoops.
I bought this dress in green, which I just could not get to photograph properly with the terrible light at the moment. I love the way it fits me though, and since I have somehow lost a stone, but all off my waist, thus making my problem of everything that fits my thighs being massive on my waist even worse, I've decided I need to start wearing more dresses. With an RRP of £25, this is a lovely dress, even more so when I got it for just £18.75 with the 25% Student Discount DPs were running! I also bought this necklace and a silver cuff (which I can't find online) but again can't get decent photos - I'll try to include them in some outfit posts soon! My housemate also bought me this ring because he's lovely and he 'wanted me to have it'. £1 in the sale, never let it be said that he's not generous! I also bought two jersey skirts from H&M, at £3.99 each they'll be great basics.

And then there was the Primark incident... I had an hour and a half to kill in town and thought I'd wander round Primark - Dangerous move! I ended up purchasing two pairs of shoes and a pretty top. In my defence, I was in need of new shoes, and something to wear with my new skirts... That's no defence at all, is it?!


Again, not great pictures due to the CRAPPY lighting at the moment - I promise to take some outfit shots soon to show you properly! The top was £4 (artwork by Lyzi in the background!), the ballet pumps £6 and the brogues £8. I tried the brogues on on a whim because I've wanted some for ages but been scared they'd make my feet look massive. In fact the opposite was true, they make my feet look little and dinky - no mean feat with my size eights!

And that's all my forbidden purchases. I'm going to be good from now on!

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  1. You always see things to buy when you don't want to spend!!!
    Happy weekend hun xoxo

  2. Spending bans always make me spend more I think, at the moment i'm not adding to my compact collection so I seem to be spending extra on photography things! I love those brogues, I brought some similar in red from Primark - so so comfy!

  3. fab buys; my spending ban is failing too!

  4. My spending ban is going surprisingly well so far! It definitely helps avoiding going into town completely, I'm staying as far away from Primark as possible! x

  5. I love the flats with the bows so cute!

  6. Seems that you are as good as me when on a spending ban! x


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