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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's not the end of the world..

Hello, Happy New Year, long time no speak and suchlike..
I have been a terrible blogger! I'm sorry. I keep saying it, I know, but this will change!
Basically, I've had very little to say and very little time to say it in, and I'd hate to bore you...

So, firstly, I've reached 50 followers while I've been AWOL (52 at this moment, in fact!) so a massive thank you to every single one of you! I've been planning a little giveaway to celebrate so I'll be posting that soon (hopefully - one of the things I want to include I ordered mid-December and still haven't received...)
Update on my life:
- Christmas was okay, it was a bit of a non-event with it also being my little brother's 18th birthday but we spent it with family, then my brother's girlfriend and my boyfriend came round in the evening. My Nan did my head in (as usual - we just clash) and I actually ended up opening half my presents on Boxing Day as we just ran out of time on Christmas Day itself, what with cooking for eleven people, keeping them all entertained, plus birthday cake and champagne etc.
- I did, however, get some lovely things. I might do a separate post about some of them, I might not since it was, like, three weeks ago now. I do want to say that my Secret Santa gift was absolutely lovely and I will definitely be sharing that. My Santa didn't share her blog URL, just her name, so Sara, if that's you, thank you so much and please let me know because I want to check your blog out!
- New Year's Eve was spent at my brother's friends' house and then at the pub with some of his other friends (I sound like such a loser, tagging along with my brother, ha!) where he got ID'd and I didn't. Way to make me feel old!
- The rest of my Christmas break was spent seeing my lovely boyfriend, catching up with old school friends, wandering around the Cumbrian countryside in the rain/hail/cloud with my bestest and writing essays/procrastinating. I also got in a couple of shifts at my old Saturday job to make a bit of much-needed cash to pay my rent!
- The most exciting news I have is that of an upcoming new addition to the Smith household: Meet Tyler!
Apologies for the quality, he wasn't co-operating with the camera.
He's an eight-month-old Rottweiler rescue dog, he's currently being fostered by a friend of my Dad's, and since we've been dog-less for around eighteen months since our Bella died, Dad took us to meet Tyler.. Love at first sight, he's so beautiful! And so good. He came round for a visit on Sunday and seemed totally comfortable in the house, so in a couple of weeks we should have a new dog! Yay! Sadly I'm back down in Sheffield now so I'll miss out on all the lovely doggy cuddles but at least I'll be able to see him when I go home.

This has been a very wordy catchy-uppy post, sorry about that guys, and I PROMISE service will be resuming as normal very shortly!
Hope you're all doing fantastic, enjoying 2012 so far and had a lovely festive period!


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