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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

NOTD: ELF Red Velvet

Just a very quick post today to share with you the ELF Red Velvet Nail Polish which I received as one of my Secret Santa gifts. Opaque in one coat (this is two coats though because I can't be neat to save my life) and drying quickly, this is set to become a favourite for me I think!
Please excuse the bits of my fingers which are stained blue - there is no excuse really, but it won't come off :(

These are taken in natural light and they're pretty true to the colour, if anything in real life it's slightly less glossy and more metallic. What do you think, ladies?



  1. thanks for the comment and following my blog :)

    I saw your picture and thought, that dude looks like Harry mcfly, then as i carried on reading your blog i realised you are...like me, a mcfly fan! haha and Harry is by far my fave, used to be danny, but i dunno what happened, and tom got HOT!! sheeesh ;)

    you have made me feel at ease, it was ok for me to be a fan when i was 15, but now I'm 23 I thought it might be a bit weird haha xo

  2. ELF varnishes seem to hate me and never dry totally! I have that colour too but it never works out right.

  3. I don't get on with ELF polishes, but I love this colour!


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