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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Reasons to Love Yellow

If you know me, you know my love of lists. You name it, I've probably made a list of it; to-do, revision topics, wish lists, Christmas lists, shopping lists, things-I-want-to-buy-when-I-have-a-Real-Job lists...
I've decided to start a new little series on a Sunday, where I'll share one of my lists from the week. I'm going to start off with reasons I love yellow - it was my favourite colour when I was younger and it still cheers me up to this day. It's a shame it makes me look ill/dead because of the way it clashes with my skin tone, or I'd wear yellow all the time!
01. Lemons
02. Marzipan
03. Sunshine
04. Ducklings
05. Daisies
06. Eggs
07. Flat Eric
08. HB pencils that remind you of Primary School
09. Mr Happy
10. Rubber ducks
11. Leopard print
12. Bleached hair before you die it a ridiculous colour
13. Pina coladas
14. Fire
15. High school house colours
16. Cake
17. Yummy Cupcake Co.

Bit of a random list but it does make me smile.
Are any of you ladies obsessive list-makers? I actually have a little notebook just for making lists in... I think I need help!



  1. I am so a list girl and I love that feeling when you tick something of your list.

  2. yellow's the happiest color of all! that baby duck is so cuteeee :)

  3. I'm loving all the yellow out there on the high street right now xoxo

  4. Love the list! I have different note-books for different lists ;) I have a blog-list book, a shopping list book and inside my filofax I have special paper to do generic to-do-lists in ... I am scarily organised lol

  5. I'm always making a list for everything!LOL
    Lovin the yellow!
    Now following! xoxo


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