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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sales Shopping I: Matalan

I love you, Matalan. Not just for your super-low prices, but also because you send me hangers with my clothes!
Seriously, I never seem to have enough clothes hangers, and it drives me mad.
So, here is what I treated myself to from the Matalan sale. I say from the sale, the only things that were actually reduced were the cardis, but at these prices I couldn't resist!


Blue cardi £5 (reduced from £10); Blue skirt £8; Red textured skirt £8; Aubergine cardi £5 (reduced from £10); Blue and gold lace top £12; Cross bracelet £4; Polka-dot tights £3

I love the cardis, at that price I was always going to but they're lovely and soft as well. The skirts are both nicer on than they are on the hangers, the blue one has a zip at the back which I was a little worried about as it feels quite cheap. I've run a pencil lead along it though (the graphite acts as a lubricant) and it feels fine now. I couldn't resist the lacy blue and gold top, it's gorgeous. I'll have to save it for a day I'm feeling brave though as it's a teeny bit see-through.. The bracelet hasn't left my wrist yet and I've been wanting some polka-dot tights for ages so couldn't say no to these for only three quid.
This little lot came to just £45 which I was really pleased with, and because it was over forty quid I even got free postage!
Have any of you lovely ladies had any sales bargains from Matalan?



  1. love it!!!


  2. that is one hellova good ales haul! gotta love matalan!! :)


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