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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sarenza Ambassador Competition (aka SERIOUS SHOE LUST)

Have I mentioned recently my love of shoes? When I read about the Sarenza Ambassador competition, I had to enter. The hardest part was choosing my favourite pair of shoes from a choice of (what seemed like) TEN MILLION AMAZING SHOES.
Eventually, my love of Iron Fist and the practical side of me which likes to plan outfits decided these beauties are what's missing from my life.
New Rider Platform Booties, £59.50
Aren't they gorgeous! I love the buckles, the studded detailing, the lining, the shiny embellished skulls... They are practically my perfect pair of shoes. I'd wear them with my aubergine skinny jeans for a casual day look, or with my shiny new TopShop dress for a night out - they're the perfect statement piece.
I think I might be in love!
Have any of you lovely ladies entered the Ambassador competition? Link me up if you have, I've really been enjoying reading people's entries!



  1. They are some siiiick shoes! The Sarenza Ambassador competition sounds really good. x

  2. Ohh, the boots are truly amazing! <3 I love the buckle detail!

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