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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Secret Santa

I may get in touch with Rani at Cupcake Couture and ask her if it's possible to have the Secret Santa fixed next year so that I get the same Santa, that's how much I love the gifts I received! As I mentioned, I know her only as Sara, but she did a wonderful job, so thank you so much!

How cute is this little guy, with his tiny shiny black eyes and his little curly tail!? Love at first sight! I've found a ring similar on ASOS but I'd love to know if it's actually the same one as he is, quite simply, adorable!

ELF Nail Polish in shade Red Velvet. This is a lovely smooth metallic red, it lasts well and goes on beautifully. I didn't manage to get any decent photos of it on my nails but I'll try and remember if any of you guys want to see it!

I've not started this yet (too much essay work to be doing, sadly) but it sounds right up my street: "Paul Broks draws on his many years as a neuropsychologist to create a unique mosaic of neurological tales, metaphysical parables and autobiographical reflections." Call me a geek, but I am SO excited to read this!!
Also in the box was a Soap & Glory Flake Away, which I've left to use as a treat when I'm at home, and an awesome pair of glittery leopard print socks which are sadly in the wash.
Did any of you guys take part in a Secret Santa? Were you as lucky as I was?



  1. I have that elf varnish and i'm glad you have better look with it then I do, it really hates me and never dries!

    Love the ring!

  2. aw yay for wonderful gifts! xo

  3. Wow you had lovely gifts, lucky girl :)

    Saying that I did love the pressies I Received in mine too x

  4. I love Red Velvet, it's such a lovely colour! That mouse ring is too cute! xx


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