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Sunday, 5 February 2012


I don't know about you ladies, but I often have trouble finding bras in styles that I like. So, when I received an email from Fiona at Brayola I was intrigued to hear more about the service they ofter!
Essentially, the Brayola website allows you to enter your favourite bras by selecting them from a huge list of brands and styles. Your choices are then compared with other women and you get recommendations for similar styles and sizes. Brayola are also currently running a competition where you enter three of your favourites to have a chance to win a free bra - which I'm not going to say no to!

The website is simple to use and easy to navigate and, although I've found that most of my favourites aren't listed, there's an option to enter the brand and code (found on the label) so that your bra can be added to the database.
The competition is running until the 10th February so what are you waiting for?

(I have not been sponsored in any way for this post; just sharing a useful service with my readers.)

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