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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bands I'd Love To See

Another Sunday Lists post, this clearly is not becoming the regular feature I intended it to due to my horrifically bad memory. OH WELL. This week I've got a list of bands/singers I'd love to see live (heavily abridged version since the actual list is probably endless).

1. Placebo.
 2. Marilyn Manson. It'd be an experience if nothing else!
3. Katy Perry. I've heard she's terrible live but that doesn't stop me being a little bit in love with her.
4. Bruce Springsteen. This will happen in June with my mum. Yay!!!
5. Adele.
6. Blue October.
7. My Chemical Romance.

8. Paramore.
9. Avenged Sevenfold.
10. Status Quo.
11. Panic! At The Disco.
12. Stone Sour.
13. Madness.
14. Busted. (If they ever do a reunion tour, I AM THERE.)
15. Forever The Sickest Kids.

Have you ever seen any of these bands/singers live? Who's on your wish list?
Are there any lists you'd like to see in this occasional feature?



  1. I had tickets to see A7X but they cancelled the whole tour. Which made me sad! There's a couple of bands i'm dying to see like Pendulum and System of a Down [which because they are huge bands they don't really do tours anymore grrr] and of course The Backstreet Boys and I can never get enough of seeing Trivium, ever.

  2. I saw Placebo YEARS ago! They were awesome but thinking back it makes me feel old!


  3. Good list!!!

    If you have Placebo and Marilyn Manson so high up your list you should get tickets to Sonisphere this year! Unfortunately I can't go :( gutted!

    My list would definitely include Placebo and Panic at the Disco, but I'd also like to see Deftones again, Bowling for Soup (just for the memories!), Coheed and Cambria, Machine Head, Frank Turner (which luckily I'm seeing in April, YAY!), and Gensis...old school but I love them haha!


  4. I'd love to see Madness, Placebo and Adele too! My ultimate would be David Bowie!

    Lucy x


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