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Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Few To Follow

The whole GFC fiasco has been an inconvenience as I'm sure we can all agree, but the silver lining is the number of new blogs I've found through signing up to Bloglovin', Hello Cotton and so on. I've come across some really fantastic blogs in the past few weeks and wanted to share a few of my favourite new reads.

Lola In The Lounge is actually a blog I discovered when Millie commented on one of my posts but I've had a good read through her previous posts and really enjoyed her blog. She has a lovely mix of beauty and make-up posts and reviews, and is currently holding a MAC lipstick giveaway!

Island Girl Insights is run by the lovely Rachael and has a range of posts on everything from fashion to beauty to everyday life - my favourite kind of blog! She's also a Harry Potter fan which is always a plus for me! I really recommend checking her out.

Little Swirl's Nifty Notes is run by a make-up student and has amazing posts with in-depth information about make-up products, techniques, tutorials.. Everything you could hope to know about make-up! I've found it really interesting to read, and also very helpful.
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Any blogs you've found lately and think I should check out? Leave links below, I'm always after something new to read and something else to distract me from my dissertation!



  1. thanks for sharing, i'm gonna check out these blogs:)

    have a good day <33


  2. Thanks for sharing these :) x

  3. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to check them all out!

    Lucy x

  4. Just seen this!! Thanks so so much <3 Love your blog too!!


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