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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Nail Polish Collection

I've acquired quite a lot of nail polish recently, and realised that a lot of my old favourites are being neglected. In an effort to remind myself how much I used to love them, I thought I'd do a nail polish collection post. If you'd like to see swatches or a NOTD featuring any of these, let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best!

Greens and Blues
Top L-R: OPI Nicki Minaj 'Fly', No7 Stay Perfect 'Totally Teal', NFU.Oh 122, Technic 'Mermaid', Barry M 291 'Cobalt Blue'
Bottom L-R: ELF 'Mint Cream', Models Own 'Green Grass', OPI Nicki Minaj 'Did It On 'Em', Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours 28, No7 Stay Perfect 'Betty Blues'

Purples and Reds
Top L-R: Models Own 'Lilac Dream', NFU.Oh 84 'Globetrotter', No7 Stay Perfect 'Temptress', M&S Mini (unnamed)
Middle L-R: Models Own 'Cherry Pie', Barry M 161, Ciate 'Wait Until Dark', Models Own 'Lilac Fantasy', NFU.Oh 553 'Enfu-sion'
Bottom L-R: Eyeko 'Lilac', Models Own 'Red Red Wine', ELF 'Red Velvet', M&S Mini (unnamed), 17 Lasting Fix 'Woo Me', Rimmel 319 'Ruby Me'

Pinks and Nudes

Top L-R: Barry M 273 'Raspberry', No 7 Stay Perfect 'Milan', M&S Mini (unnamed), Models Own 'Peach Puff', Nails Inc 'Basil Street', Jessica Custom Nails (unnamed)
Middle L-R: Barry M 272 'Shocking Pink', Models Own 'Buff Pink', No7 Stay Perfect 'Pink Grapefruit', Barry M 309 'Strawberry Ice Cream', Rimmel  402 'Urban Purple', Missguided 'Misschievous'
Bottom L-R: ELF 'Berry Pink', MUA 3, NFU.Oh 49 'Storm In A Teacup', No7 Stay Perfect 'Rose Truffle', M&S Mini (unnamed), OPI Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday'

Top L-R: OPI Nicki Minaj 'Metallic 4 Life', Eyeko 'Vampira', Models Own 'Smash Up Pink', Missguided 'Missfit', Models Own Nail Art Pen, Barry M 311 'Black Nail Effects'
Bottom L-R: ELF 'Matte Finisher', Models Own '3 in 1 Base Coat Top Goat & Gloss', 17 Nail Xtras 'Top Coat', 17 Nail Xtras 'Strengthening Base Coat'

And that's them all. See, there's not that many, really..! If any of you ladies have done a similar post, link me up, I'd love to see! Would anyone be interested in a similar post for other products - blushers or eyeshadows or anything? Let me know!



  1. Oh gosh! I thought I had a lot but you win! xx

  2. I love a good nail polish collection :D I don't think I've done a nail polish collection (thanks for the idea!) but I do have a top 10 post :)

  3. Love all your varnishes! I've made myself line all my varnishes across my dresser so I remember what colours I have, so easy to forget the old ones when it gets so easy to buy new ones.

  4. You've got a nice collection, so many beautiful nail polishes xx



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