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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review: Marshmallow Blends Honey & Almond Cake Body Butter

As you'll know by now, I am a massive fan of Marshmallow Blends products, made by the lovely Nicoletta. My most recent order included the delicious-sounding Honey & Almond Cake Body Butter, which I've been promising to review for some time now. Finally I've got my act together so here we go!
Marshmallow Blends Body Butters are available in a range of fragrances, retailing at £5.99 for a medium-sized tub.

The first thing you notice on opening the screw top on the clear plastic tub is the gorgeous smell - a luxurious honey scent which is strong enough to last all day on the skin. I genuinely can't stop sniffing myself when I've used this, much to my boyfriend's amusement. "My arms smell nice!" doesn't seem to be suitable reason to sniff oneself in public, more's the pity as I do it anyway.
A little goes a long way with this product due to the whipped texture. I find it takes a few minutes to soak into the skin but leaves you feeling beautifully moisturised, and I don't mind hanging around in my underwear for five minutes when I smell this good! You can just about see on the right of my arm here how it's slightly shiny.

At £5.99, it's a little more than I'd usually spend on a body butter (I'm a huge fan of Superdrug's Vitamin E range) but it's worth it for me as it does feel like a little bit of luxury, especially on freshly shaved legs. I've really enjoyed using this product and will be repurchasing.
You can read my previous posts on Marshmallow Blends here and I really do recommend making an order - you won't regret it!


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