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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Stop Wishing For The Sunshine, Start Living In The Rain

A few weeks ago, I bought this dress from Dorothy Perkins. Since then, I can't stop wearing it - it's so easy to throw on and it's comfy without looking like I've made no effort at all - win!

I'm aware you can't really see it properly from these photos but they're the best I can manage with my phone since I have no proper camera at the moment (sob!). These pics are also a terrible reflection of the colour - it's a much brighter green than this, it makes me feel like Spring! The necklace is one I won in Lyzi's giveaway last summer, from Velvet Feather.



  1. That's a gorgeous colour, and I love the title of your post too! :)

    e x

  2. Beautiful colour and you have the tiniest little waist.

  3. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!

  4. That looks a gorgeous dress, lovely colour too.


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