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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tattoos I'm Planning

I'd actually forgotten entirely that I'd planned to make this a semi-regular feature until I was looking over my old posts a few days ago. So, here goes Sunday Lists Part II: Tattoos I want to get.
1. A McFly logo. Probably on my right shoulder or the back of my neck (but below collar level). I love the McFly tattoos Tumblr!

2. A lyric from 'Life &Death In Space' by The Blackout, one of my favourite bands. The lyric is "We're nothing but satellites in the sky" and I want it on my ribs, just under my bra, on my right-hand side.
3. Some variation on "You'll Never Walk Alone", with an image of a lark ('at the end of the storm is a golden sky, and the sweet silver song of a lark'). I want this for two reasons; I'm a Liverpool FC fan and it's our club song, and also the more personal meaning that line holds to me. It's a beautiful song and never fails to make me feel better. I think I want this on my left foot, so quite small.
This is lovely but I want mine much smaller.
4. A lyric from a McFly song. I've actually not decided what I want or where yet, because there's so many McFly songs that mean a lot to me. Maybe along the side of my right foot. I'm probably going to end up covered in lyrics. OH WELL.
5. A badger. Again, not sure on style or positioning, and my boyfriend stole this idea from me (without my ever having told him I wanted one) and got one on his leg just before Christmas. So I'll have to make sure it's not too similar to his...
6. I'd quite like a bow on the back of each thigh, just below my bum, but I'm not sure about this yet. I love tattoos like this but I'm not sure if I'd suit it.

7. Bats in silhouette. I want three, in decreasing size, on my left hip. Kind of like how people get stars, except with bats. I like bats, that's the only reason really!
8. I'd like to get something to dedicate to my best friend, but I'm not sure what or where yet.
That's all at the moment but doubtless there'll be more over the years. I've only got the one tattoo so far and I love it, so I want to make sure I love any more I get just as much.
Hope you all had lovely weekends!



  1. I like that you have pictures on bottoms now on ur blog!

    I have no tattoos because I have nooooo idea what I would get and then I would probably hate it!


    1. Haha I like this too! Nothing wrong with a nice bum ;)


  2. love the bows especially with the skulls. i have only one tattoo and i also have a "to do" list :)

  3. I've loved and wanted the bows on my thighs too - I think they are really pretty. I have couple of tattoos atm, just on the top of my back and on my left shoulder but i've been craving more for ages - just sulks how much they can cost when you go somewhere decent!


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