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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

This Is Getting Ridiculous: The "Vanity Sizing" Debate


I was passing Dorothy Perkins the other day and noticed they had a sale on. I popped in to have a look and the only thing that caught my eye was this top, reduced from £22 to £10. "I'll have that", I thought. I grabbed a Size 10 and headed to the changing room to try it on. Now, usually, I'm a 10 or a 12 in tops, but I couldn't see a 12 so I went for the 10 and crossed my fingers. It gaped. I mean literally, gaped. It was enormous. Somewhat confused, I stuck my head out of my changing room and asked the assistant if she'd mind swapping it for an 8, which she kindly did. Even the 8 was too big! I'm not being funny but there is no way I am smaller than a size 8. And since they didn't have a size 6, they missed out on a sale. (Coincidentally the only size in stock on the website is a 6, but I got so angry I'm refusing to order it, on principle. I AM NOT A SIZE SIX.)
Is it just me that thinks the whole vanity sizing thing has gone too far? I'm a fairly average size so I can afford to go down a size or even two, but if you're small to start with, what then!? When shops start stocking size 2s, no doubt there'll be a national outcry about encouraging eating disorders, blah blah blah, and suddenly no-one will be quite so happy about "squeezing into a 10". Life would be so much easier if, as a size 10, I could pick up a 10 and it would actually be a 10 rather than, apparently, a 16. RAGE.
Anyone else had similar problems?



  1. yes i have found the same problem! dorothy perkins and M&S are the worst for this. i'm an 8-10 normally, and NOTHING fits me in M&S. all the 8's fall off me. i'm not unusually small either. it's very annoying.

  2. This is an issue that's really getting to me too, and I've written about it a few times!! The problem is most obvious when in certain shops I can't even wear the smallest size because it's too big, but if I wear vintage clothing, a 12 can be perfect!! Then people say to me, well if you're wearing a size 6 you must be tiny. I'm like, no actually I'm not...I have the exact same measurements as Marilyn Monroe who was apparently curvy and a size 14/16...!!
    It's crazy and really annoying. I own clothes from a 6 to a 16, I never know what size I'll be in a shop, ridiculous!!

  3. Aw I wish I had the effects of vanity sizing, normally things are too small! M&S sizing can be way out at times though as too H&M at times.

  4. Urgh, I've found the same thing in Dorothy Perkins, gone to try something on and realised I'm two sizes smaller, such a pain. Imagine how many online returns they must have!

    Hope you're having a fab week so far



  5. It can be very frustrating! I am normally an 8/10 but I have a size 4 top from topshop and a size 14 jumper from primark...can anyone explain?!

    I find it more irritating though when it goes the other way. In New Look Jeans Im a sie 8, size 10 everywhere else...when a pair of jeans I wanted in New Look was only left in stock in a size 10 I thought id try them anyway, yet all of a sudden I could barely get them over my knees!!! I was wearing another pair of new look jeans at the time and had to do a double take...the ones I owned were a size 8, bought last September, but suddenly their 10s are too small on me! I refused to buy a 12 out of principle haha!

    These sizes are meant to be standard! Why aren't they?!?

  6. Ooooh I didn't realise this was a real thing haha! Thank you for opening my eyes to it, I just assumed shops had got it a bit wrong. M&S is ridiculous, apparently I'm a tiny size 8, same with Tesco clothing. In H&M though a 10 doesn't seem big enough... xxxxx

  7. I'm usually a 10 in everything apart from skinny jeans where I'm a 12, in H&M sometimes I can even get shorts or trousers over my knees in a 12! I never have a problem with clothes being to big though!

    Lucy x

  8. I've never experienced this before... what a weird thing... size should be set to specific measurements and should be the same measurements world wide. Would make everything easier! xx

  9. Just found this post, months late, and I have to say I agree with you about how stupid these sizes are! I've found New Look to be the worst culprit - two years ago I could pick up a size 8 pair of jeans or shorts and they'd fit and nowadays even the size 6's are too big, yet I've got bigger! x


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