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Monday, 23 April 2012

Models Own Tropical Sun

Part of Models Own's Beetlejuice Collection, Tropical Sun retails at £5. I got mine from Boots in their 3 for 2 offer. In the bottle, it's a lovely bright orange with a golden shimmer and tiny silver glitter, very summery and definitely suited to its name. The polish goes on nicely and dries quickly to a shiny, shimmery, but not quite smooth finish. It does, however, go on very sheer and it's quite thin, so you have to be careful not to overload the brush or you end up flooding the nail bed. In these photos it looks to have a blue undertone, but I think that's just because my hands were so cold, sorry!
It builds nicely, but this is not a polish you should expect to build to opacity; the photos below show two coats. 
At three coats (which is about the limit of my patience) it looks opaque if you don't look too closely, but in direct light it's definitely still sheer.
I then wanted to see how it would look layered over other colours.
So, here is it over OPI's Smok'n In Havana (seen on its own here), where it becomes a lovely coppery-bronze colour; it's fiery and beautiful.

What do you think girls? Do you prefer Tropical Sun on its own or layered?



  1. It's pretty, no denying that, but it does seem very sheer by itself (however that could be great if you don't want a lot of colour but just a hint of something shimmery) I prefer it layered I think :-) x

  2. I like it layered. Loving the tangerine trend that's been going around!

  3. I like the layering! It's sexier. ;)

  4. I like it layered the best! I want some Models Own!

  5. I love it layered, so pretty.

    xo erica

  6. It's really pretty, I love it layered!

    Lucy x

  7. Like it layered!

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