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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Natural Collection Shine Away Foundation

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I came across the Natural Collection Shine Away Foundation in Boots and picked it up to try, because at £1.99 I wouldn't mind it being rubbish and going straight in the bin. As it happened, I was pleasantly surprised!

I tend to avoid liquid foundations as my skin is quite oily and I prefer the more matte finish of mousse or gel formulae. As this was marketed as a product specifically for oily skin, and since the lightest shade 'Porcelain' looked like a perfect match for my ridiculously pale skin, I thought it was worth a shot.

I'm not a huge fan of the packaging, as I find it really difficult to judge how much product I'll need and almost always end up with way too much. However, it is much more hygienic than dipping your brush into a pot every day, so swings and roundabouts.

As always, I applied my foundation with my ELF foundation brush over moisturised, primed skin. This takes a little more blending than my usual mousse foundations but this is usually the case when I've tested liquid foundations so not too much of a problem. It's a medium coverage but can be built where necessary without going cakey. It does work into the skin well and leaves a natural, dewy finish. I tend to powder over this as I like a matte finish but obviously this is a personal preference matter! These photos show my face with just the foundation - no concealer/powder etc.

As for the 'Shine Away' claims? Well, I wouldn't say it banishes shine completely, but it does definitely reduce the number of touch-ups I need. I've also found its staying power to be brilliant - I've trialled this through a training session at the athletics track, and at a McFly concert, and got home from both with a decent amount of coverage remaining. The picture below is after a normal day at uni, no touch ups.

My one complaint is that, although the majority of my skin is oily, I do suffer from the occasional dry patch, and this foundation really clings to those and makes them look awful. However, this is probably to be expected from a product of this nature and the problem can be avoided by using a different foundation on any dry areas.
There are only three shades available so it's very limited but if you find a match I definitely recommend checking this foundation out if, like me, you suffer from oily skin.



  1. This actually sounds pretty good! Can't believe it's only £1.99!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  2. I love love love this foundation :) absolutely swear by it! I'm crazy pale too so go for porcelain its the best match for me by far and is just as good as any expensive foundation!

  3. Gahhh I LOVE this foundation and have actually used it for years along with the concealer stick and powder!

    Now a follower please check me out at thefashionarmoire.blogspot.com


  4. I love Natural Collection products! I swear by their tinted moisturiser!

  5. Great review! Dont you love it when you come accross cheap little surprises!

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  6. will need to try it

  7. It matches you really well! Might have a look as i'm super pale too. x hivenn

  8. Really nice blog, maybe we could follow each other? :)

  9. it seems great thanks for the review, I'll look up this brand =)


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