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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Primark Rings

A wee one today, ladies, to share the pretty rings I got from Primark the other week!

I think the rose and bow ones were £2.50 each, and the big orange one £3, but I'm not certain. Aren't they lovely?
In other news, my dissertation is now submitted, leaving me with three assessments and an exam before I finish for summer. I've got two of my essays pretty much finished now so the end is definitely in sight! I've applied for a Masters course starting in September, if all goes well I'll be studying Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and I'll be able to tell people I'm a brain scientist!!
Hope everyone is well!



  1. That bow ring is adorable. I'm gonna have to search my local Primark now!

  2. ooo im loving the big orange one =) xo

    pebbz | pebbzblog.blogspot.com

  3. Lovely rings, good luck with your application! x

  4. Such pretty rings! Good luck with your application. We need more brain scientists in the world. ;)

  5. Being a brain scientist sounds very smart. Love that little bow ring - how cute.

  6. Love the big one! And massive well done for submitting your dissertation - such an achievement. Good luck with everything else :)

  7. Those rings are lovely! i like your nail polish color and how it matches the ring on your index finger. :-D


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