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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Things I'm Grateful For

Look at me go, two weeks in a row remembering I'm meant to do a Sunday List post! This week is a little bit cheesy but it's always good to think about how lucky we are. So I'm sharing a few of the things I'm grateful for at the moment.
1. My education. It sounds silly but I've always loved learning and I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity, which so many don't, to further my education, to study something I love, and to hopefully get a job at the end of it all in an area that fascinates me.

2. My friends and family. I might not have millions of friends but it doesn't matter to me when the ones I do have are as wonderful as they are. And without my mum, I wouldn't be who I am today. I love my mum :)

3. My health. Okay, I get every cold going and I'm allergic to the most ridiculous things (carpet shampoo, guinea pigs, soap...) but in the scheme of things I'm pretty healthy. Which is fortunate because I am an awful ill person, I hate losing my independence like that.

4. McFly. This sounds silly too, but they've got me through so much.

5. My wonderful boyfriend. For putting up with me and my random red fridge love, for indulging my whims with bacon curry and cinnamon in EVERYTHING, for never failing to make me smile and cheer me up if I'm feeling a bit grumpy, and for making me a ridiculous amount of happy. It also happens to be his birthday today so if you're reading this (I don't see why he would be but just in case), Happy Birthday, you old git. I love you 



  1. Great list, mine would be very similar except it wouldnt be your actual boyfriend on my list it would be my Hubby hehehe

  2. Such a great list. I really need to be more grateful about my education, not many people from my background or where I grew up were lucky enough to get to university yet alone get a Masters but I always dwell on the fact that my degrees haven't really got me anywhere which is a shame.


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