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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

NOTD: Gold by Giles Lavender

When I heard about the new Gold by Giles collection at New Look, featuring eyeliner, nail wraps, mascara, nail polish, lipgloss and more, I had high hopes and picked up three nail polishes at £2.99 each. There's a fab range of shades in most of the products and, with the most expensive being the nail wraps at £5.99, they oughtn't to break the bank either!
I've only just got round to trying them and, hoping to add a bit of summer to my nails even if the weather isn't getting the hint, I tried out 'Lavender'.

In the bottle, it's a pretty pastel pink-toned lilac. Sadly, on my nails, it's almost neon, it just looks garish (in the photos, it looks how I wish it looked in real life. My camera just WILL not pick up its true colour).

On top of this, it was a nightmare to work with - thick and gloopy, and the brush was awful and scratchy, with the bristles actually leaving lines of scraped-off polish. It also bubbled pretty badly, but that's probably my fault for dropping the bottle and giving it a good shake up. Bright side - it dried quickly. That's all I've got, sorry! (I know first photo below is horrifically over-exposed, but it was the best shot I could get of the scratchy-brush effect, on my middle finger. Also, does anyone know why Blogger keeps uploading my photos with those weird lines across them!?)

Hopefully the other two shades I bought will be better.. Maybe this is just a dodgy brush.. [insert other optimistic thoughts here..]
Have you tried any of the Gold by Giles range? Have you been more impressed than I have?



  1. I love everything purple! This is so pretty! *now following ya*

  2. I hate it when a polish dissapoints :(

  3. Sorry about the application of this polish!


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