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Monday, 7 May 2012

Recent Primark Purchases

I've made a few trips to Primark lately and picked up some nice bits and pieces, so I thought I'd share them!

This sheer stripey top was £6 and will be perfect for summer. You can see it's got a strappy back so it will probably have to be worn with a strapless bra.

This is a pretty basic white vest, which was £3, but it has a gorgeous chiffon-y ruffle-y bit round the collar which is really pretty and stops it being plain and boring!

I bought this dress, £13, kind of with a wedding in mind, but I've realised that a) The wedding is in August and b) The dress is mostly black, so now I'm not so sure. What do you think, ladies? Help appreciated here! Either way, I love it and I'm really impressed with how good quality it is.

You know I'm a sucker for all things leopard-print so I couldn't resist this pretty make-up bag for £1.50. The headbands have wire in them so they can be moulded to whatever shape, they were £1.50 each but when I got to the checkout the pink one came up at just 50p, which I didn't argue with! They had loads of different colours and styles of these so it's worth checking out if you're after something similar. I've been wearing them wrapped around a bun but you could also use them around a ponytail or as a normal headband.



  1. I think you could get away with that dress for a wedding primarily because the other colours in it are so bright and they are flowery. I think its lovely!

  2. Love the hairbands, I bought a couple form New Look last year, they were definitely a summer staple! And what a bargain at just 50p :)

    As for the dress I agree with Rachael! Definitely ok for a wedding. I've worn black to quite a few and as long as you dress it up with a bit of oclour I think it's fine, and the dress already does that for you!!! Maybe also have a statement clutch and statement shoes?

    1. Yep, absolute bargain! Thank you, I was thinking pink shoes and bag! xo

  3. i have that dress :) so lovely and versatile and yes like everyone has said u can dress it up with statement heels and bag and so many colour would go with this orange , reds , greens , blues , best stick 2 one dont wanna look like a walking rainbow . :p xxx love your blog


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