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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Review: Yotuel Whitening Toothpaste & Mouthwash

This is a bit of an unusual post for me, but sort of beauty-related so I figured it would fit in okay! A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to win a BuyaPowa Twitter giveaway and quickly received my prize - a tube of Yotuel Whitening toothpaste and complementing mouthwash. I've tested these out thoroughly now so I wanted to share my thoughts!

Both products came boxed, which I personally feel is wasteful as you literally buy it, take it out of the box and throw it away. There was no information/instructions on the box that couldn't have gone on the packaging of the actual products. I received a 250ml bottle of mouthwash, and a 75ml tube of toothpaste. The instructions stated to brush for three minutes, three times per day, and rinse afterwards with 30ml of mouthwash. I'll be honest, I've never brushed my teeth three times in one day, twice is plenty. I feel this is a fair test as this is all I've ever done with any other product. I am also a fiend for forgetting to use mouthwash but I tried really hard whilst trialling this and actually only forgot twice the whole time I was using it. I seem to have got into the habit now which is good!

The products contain Xylitol and Fluoride to help strengthen your tooth enamel whilst whitening. I found that  the toothpaste was quite sticky and I needed more than I expected to feel like my teeth were properly clean. Nonetheless, this had a nice pleasant minty flavour and did the job. The mouthwash is a coolmint type flavour - I would always go for softmint so this is stronger than I would like, but again it did the job. My mouth is nowhere near big enough for 30ml of mouthwash (!) so I found about 15ml was plenty - the silver cap lifts off to reveal a screwcap, and can be used as a measurer for your mouthwash, which I found handy. At 250ml per bottle, using the recommended 30ml, three times per day, this would only last you three days, but using 15ml twice a day mine lasted nearly two weeks. The toothpaste is still going after two months, however I have switched to just using it in the evening and using my normal Sensitive toothpaste in the morning as my sensitive teeth were getting painful.
So - has it made a difference!? I do think my teeth were looking slightly whiter after the two weeks of using these products twice daily, if you used them three times as instructed you'd no doubt see greater improvements. I'll keep using the toothpaste until I've finished it but I don't think I'll repurchase, mostly because of the price - Yotuel Toothpaste and Mouthwash are available from BeautyBay priced at £7.49 and £4.29 respectively. It's not currently listed on BuyaPowa but I think it was around £4.50 for bpth products when it was available so if you're interested, it might be worth watching out on there!

(Products were received as a giveaway prize from BuyaPowa. As always, my opinions are honest and truthful.)


  1. £1.99 for bb cream is a total bargain! I'll look for this next time I'm there! It doesn't look half bad for the price! :) x

  2. Haha! I agree on your point about using those boxes. I honestly think boxes are useful whenever you'll give such products as a gift or whatever. Anyway, are you still using this? Will you continue using it even if all was used up?
    Leighlie Ashton

    1. I guess they would be nice if you were giving it as a gift, I hadn't thought of that! I'm still using the toothpaste and I think I'll repurchase that, not the mouthwash though, it just didn't last long enough to feel worth it to me I'm afraid! xo


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