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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Review | Dead Sea Spa Magik Shampoo & Serum

I was recently sent a selection of Dead Sea Spa Magik products to try out, including samples of their Mineral Shampoo and Hair Magic Serum. Together, these products are meant to improve your hair's bounce, body, softness and shine, whilst reducing the problems of dry scalp and dandruff.


Paraben- and fragrance-free, the shampoo is ideal for people like myself with sensitive skin, although I'm lucky in that I've never really suffered with my scalp or from dandruff. I received a 25ml sachet of this shampoo, which was sufficient for a couple of washes, bearing in mind that my hair is long and quite thick. I found I needed to use more shampoo than usual as this was quite runny and didn't spread through the hair very easily, but it smelt pleasant and left my hair feeling really clean. One thing I really liked about this shampoo was that, once I'd rinsed my hair, it was left feeling lovely and soft. Usually I can tell while my hair's still wet that if I don't use conditioner, I have no chance of getting a brush through my hair ever again, but this wasn't the case with this shampoo, which I loved.

The Hair Magic Serum is a conditioning treatment designed for dry and damaged hair; the benefits it claims include anti-frizz properties and preventing split ends. Again, I received a 25ml sachet, which wasn't really enough to test the split end claim, but I did enjoy using this product. It had a similar scent to the shampoo, nothing heavy, just a pleasant smell. The sachet contained enough for three applications worked through my hair from root to tip, although I concentrated on the ends; if I'd avoided the roots and just applied to the mid-lengths and ends there'd have been enough for four or five uses. I left the serum on for about five minutes before rinsing, which was a lot easier than with some hair treatments. The instructions say to use once or twice a week, which I think would be plenty to provide a good deep-condition for your hair. Apparently this can also be used as a styling product on dry hair but I didn't realise this until after I'd used it up, so unfortunately I can't comment on that.

After using the shampoo and serum together, I found that my hair was lovely and soft, less frizzy than usual, and it didn't go greasy either which is always a bonus; it just felt really nice and clean! I really enjoyed using these products and I'd definitely consider repurchasing in the future, although the Serum is a little outside my budget at the moment. There is also a Conditioner available, which I'd be interested in trying in the future.
The shampoo retails at £8.26 for 330ml, whilst the Hair Magic Serum is £16.60 for 150ml, available to buy here.
Have you tried these products, or any other Dead Sea Spa Magik? What did you think?

(This product was provided by PR for the purposes of a review. This does not affect my review and, as always, my opinions are honest.)

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