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Monday, 4 June 2012

Review: 17 Cosmetics Miracle Matte Skin Primer

Next on my mission for my Holy Grail face primer (to do something about my shiny face and man-hole pores around my nose), I picked up 17's Miracle Matte Primer from Boots, this is usually priced at £4.99 for 15ml but I only paid £3.99 for mine with one of the vouchers from the Advantage Card Kiosks. (It looks like it's currently on a promotion actually, the website claims you save £1, not sure if this applies in-store too or not!)

Apparently, this product is, "The solution to a stay-perfect look and shine-free base for up to 22 hours."
I apply this, as with all primers, over lightly moisturised skin and wait a couple of minutes for it to sink in/set before applying my foundation over it. This is a creamy white liquid, not too runny but not so thick that it's difficult to apply - the ideal texture. It has no discernible scent and applies smoothly over my skin, blending in to leave a smooth surface. However, I have found that you have to be really careful to rub it in really really well, or it dries to a weird white "crusty" (as my best friend put it) finish on your skin, which is not attractive.

Foundation applies nicely over this - I can speak for mousse- and liquid foundation, but I don't use powder foundations so can't say anything about that. I feel this does a reasonable job of covering my enlarged pores, they're not completely vanished but they're a lot less obvious than with no primer. However, I've been really disappointed with how this wears - I don't feel it increases the wear time of my foundation at all, and my skin still ends up looking shiny within a couple of hours.
For the price, this is a decent enough product if you don't suffer from incredibly oily skin, it's great for smoothing the skin's surface and hiding enlarged pores, but I wouldn't rely on it for shine-control if you have super oily skin like me. The search continues!
What's your favourite primer? You can check out my reviews of 17's Photo Flawless Primer and No7's Shine Free Primer if you're on the hunt as well!



  1. I tried this a while back and thought that it gave my skin a weird sheen to it!

    1. It is weird isn't it! I keep getting peely white bits :/ xo

  2. I did not like this product but good luck with it! So many products due to the fact that there are so many different types of skin!


    1. That's true, what works for one person certainly won't work for everyone! I'm gonna keep trying with this and see if I can make it work for me! xo

  3. Witch does a really nice primer :) x


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