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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ecetera Jewellery

Recently, I was lucky enough to win a necklace in a Facebook giveaway by Eve from Ecetera. Ecetera is a small, independently-run boutique offering a range of jewellery, leather accessories, and interior furnishings. Each item is hand-crafted and super special!
The piece I won was the Binoculars Necklace, which I chose in Silver although it also comes in Gold. This has been a real talking point, with everyone from my Nan to my boyfriend's daughter loving it! As a bit of a country girl, it suits me down to the ground and I've worn it every day since I received it. Wasn't it beautifully packaged?

Ecetera stock plenty of other gorgeous goodies; here are a few of my favourites!
Green Patchwork Cushion
Green Patchwork Cushion, £25
Metallic Butterfly
Metallic Butterfly Textured Leather Necklace, £15
iPad Case - Hedgehog
Hedgehog iPad case, £15
Small 'Skull' Turquoise Stone Beaded bracelet
Turquoise Skull Bracelet, £14

Which are your favourite items? Are you happy to pay slightly more for a unique, handmade item rather than a high-street alternative which everyone has and isn't as well-made? I know I'd always go for the handmade!



  1. Oh what a fab shop! I love your necklace x

  2. I love that turqoise skull bracelet:) Have a great weekend!


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