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Sunday, 1 July 2012


Happy July!! I've had a bit of an unintentional break from blogging over the last couple of weeks - I didn't mean to go so long but life has got in the way, as it has a habit of doing. I've been up to a few exciting things (seeing Michael McIntyre and Bruce Springsteen; travelling down to London to watch my baby brother racing in Canary Wharf; going to Liverpool to see him race there and have a catch-up with a friend; spending time with my lovely boyfriend now we're not 200 miles apart) and some not-so-exciting things (moving all my stuff back into my parents' home; job-hunting). Normal service should be resuming shortly; for now, here's a selection of photos from my life the last few weeks!
I saw Michael McIntyre at Lancaster Grand Theatre with my Mum, brother, and brother's girlfriend at one of his warm-up shows for his upcoming arena tour. The Grand is a really small venue (I think it holds about 300) and Michael was hilarious, he had loads of new material and put on a really good show. He was also nice enough to hang around for a chat, photos and autographs after the show - this is myself and my beautiful mummy with him, photo courtesy of my brother's girlfriend!

I also saw Bruce Springsteen with my mum at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland. Bruce is getting on a bit now but still managed to play for over three hours and put on an amazing show. It was an amazing night and, although we were miles from the front, we had a great time singing, dancing, and making friends with drunken fellow audience members - standard!

My childhood bedroom, which was fairly full to start with, is now so full I can get from door to bed and not much else. I can't believe how much stuff I actually own, despite having taken a big bag to a charity shop (and not bought anything else whilst in there - proud moment!) and sold two more big bags full on eBay! If anyone has any tips for shrinking my belongings, please do share. I can't wait to move back to Sheffield to start my Masters, hopefully in a house with my boyfriend.
As promised, here is a better photo of my new tattoo, although it's still not fully healed here. My boyfriend loves it, my family all seem to hate it.. Oh well, I love it and it's healing really nicely as well. Already planning my next, it's definitely addictive! ;D

I have a few posts planned, including some reviews, recipes and a wee bit of nail art, so watch out for those. Also, I'm edging ever closer to 200 followers, so I'm busy planning a little giveaway to celebrate!
What have you all been up to? Hope you're all well!



  1. Is your brother a rower? My best friend Beth is a cox for Liverpool and she's always travelling about rowing races :) Love your tattoo - I used to want to get one done, but after having my piercing on Monday I'm done poking needles in myself for life!! :P

    Island Girl Insights ♥

    1. Nope he's a triathlete! I love my tattoos but they're addictive haha. What did you get pierced?? xo

    2. My belly button! I nearly fainted afterwards because i was so nervous! x

  2. LOVE your tattoo!! Great blog by the way :)



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