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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pamper Pack

I've enjoyed reviewing Montagne Jeunesse's Skin Heroes range so much that, when I was contacted to see if I'd be interested in reviewing their Travel Pamper Pack, I jumped at the opportunity. The premise of the Travel Pamper Pack is simple; a selection of six sachets of product to treat yourself on the go. Included in the package are one Peel-Off Mask, one Skin Smoother, two Body Washes, one Foot Cooler, and one Intensive Spa Hair Masque. The six sachets come presented in a little cardboard organiser-type box, with perforations so you can remove them one by one as necessary. This is a nice touch and means they're all neatly kept together in your luggage, and easy to find in a hurry.

Like all of Montagne Jeunesse's products, the Travel Pamper Pack contains a range of natural ingredients, including Apricot, Orange, Mango, Pomegranate and Passion Flower, and is also suitable for vegetarians. I've only ever used face masks by Montagne Jeunesse in the past and have never tried any of their other products, so I was most intrigued to try the Foot Cooler and Hair Masque.

I'll review each component separately before giving my overall opinions on the Pamper Pack, starting with the Passion Peel Off. This is what the packaging has to say:
"Peel away the day with our pulped Pomegranate and purifying Passion Flower peel off. Your skin will be left deeply cleansed with a radiant glow. Antioxidant rich crushed Raspberry, Grape and Cranberry will protect, leaving you ready to hit the hustle and bustle."

The instructions tell you to apply to cleansed skin, and relax for 15-20 minutes before peeling off. The mask smells lovely and fruity and applies nicely to the skin, with plenty in the sachet to cover the whole face in an even layer. I actually spent my 20 minutes listing things on eBay which isn't the most relaxing pastime, but nonetheless it was an enjoyable experience. The mask peeled off in a satisfying way (there's something about peel offs, don't you think!?), but I didn't feel this really did anything for my skin. It didn't seem to clear my pores out or leave my skin any brighter.

The Body Wash smelt lovely and fresh - really orangey. One sachet was the perfect size for one use, and it foamed up nicely both with a sponge and with hands, leaving my skin feeling soft, clean, and lightly scented.

Again, I loved the scent of the Hair Masque, which has a really zingy lime aroma. This spread nicely through the hair but it did take some washing out. You'd have to be really careful, especially if you're prone to greasy hair, to get every trace of this out. One rinsed out and dried, my hair was left feeling soft and smooth and smelling lightly of lime, which was really nice. I didn't feel my hair looked any better, however there may be more of an effect if you've been abusing your hair with lots of sunshine, sea water and chlorine on holiday, rather than using it on an overnight stay in rainy miserable London.. I know my hair always feels like it needs a bit of extra love when I've been on a beach holiday and I think this would be ideal. There was plenty in the sachet to cover all of my long, thick hair, so if you only used it on the ends or if you have shorter hair it would easily manage two applications.

The Body Smoother had a sweet scent which actually reminded me of Refreshers sweets rather than Apricot and Mango, but it was pleasant nonetheless. This has quite large, rough pieces of ground apricot kernel to exfoliate which I found perfect for my body, particularly the drier areas such as knees and elbows. I think it would be too harsh for use on the face however, so I didn't try this so as not to upset my already sensitive skin.

The Foot Cooler, packed with Spearmint and Blueberry, smelt quite heavily, reminding me of a sort of fruity chewing gum. The bright blue, creamy liquid was quite runny so you had to be careful, but it did a lovely job of cooling and refreshing my tired feet, drying to a talcum-powder like substance, as you can see on my hand above. This is good in theory as it would absorb moisture and prevent your feet from becoming hot and sweaty again. In practice, however, I found the consistency of the powder slightly too thick and sticky, and I found I ended up with "tide marks" all over my feet - not a good look if you want to go out in the evenings. There was plenty in the sachet - enough to share with a friend or, like me, massage into your lower legs as well to soothe aching muscles after a day's walking! I won't show you my feet but suffice it to say they were nicely cooled and refreshed, despite looking like I'd been paddling in chalk.
Overall, the Pamper Pack is a lovely concept, and a great way to treat yourself a little whilst on holiday. They'd also make lovely gifts as wedding favours, hen party goodie bags and so on. This is definitely something I'd consider repurchasing in the future for short breaks or weekends away.
The Pamper Pack is available to purchase from the Montagne Jeunesse website, priced at £5 - shipping is a bargain 75p, or free if you spend more than £10, so there's no reason not to treat yourself!

(This product was provided by PR for a review. This does not affect my opinions in any way; as always, I have been completely honest about my thoughts.)

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