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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bargain Haul

Wandering round town this morning with my first paycheck burning a hole in my pocket (figuratively speaking, since I haven't received it yet...), I ended up making a few sneaky buys, mostly of bargains too good to resist.
First up, in Poundland, I found the ChitChat Juicy Lipsticks I reviewed the other day in a couple more shades.. So I got one of each to try! Here I have (top to bottom) 'Damson', a deep pink shade; 'Autumn Leaf', a bronzey number which I'm not so sure about; and 'Fiery Red', which is much as the name suggests - a deep red colour. Swatches will follow! I also picked up a ChitChat nail polish in 'Violet', which is small and medium purple hex glitter in a clear base.

In Body Care, I got the infamous 'Carnival' by Technic, widely touted as a dupe for OPI's 'Rainbow Connection', for 99p. Through intrigue, I also purchased a Body Collection Crystal Suede polish in 'Mint Breeze' for £2.99, which I'll post about soon. I've later realised that Technic and Body Collection products are actually made by the same company!

I nipped into Boots and Superdrug for a few essentials; dry shampoo (£1.99), body lotion (£1.49), and hair ties (£3.25).

Finally, dodging a torrential downpour in TKMaxx, I put back the Essie and ORLY nail polishes I'd been planning to buy in favour of these beautiful gunmetal-coloured Ara boots. These cost me £34.99 and my mum's asked me to go back and see if they have her size! I spotted them on the shelf and, despite them being half a size too small for me, I tried them on anyway. I was thrilled when they fit me perfectly - it must have been a sign! They're so comfy to wear and they have a lovely furry fleecy lining to keep my toes warm in Winter Britain.

What do you think of my purchases? What have you been buying lately? Any good bargains to be had?



  1. I love the boots! They're a really nice colour xx
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  2. i am loving the goodies that i have been finding in poundland recently, i also love the chit chat stuff :D
    -you have a new follower :)



    1. Aw thank you for following! Poundland is amazing at the moment haha xo

  3. Oo I must take a trip to pound land, I have been seeing some bargains on lots of blog recently. I love a good TK Maxx find, I am a keen bargain hunter. Recently I have purchased the naked2 saw you use it too, I am so in love with it :) xx

    1. I've been surprised how much good stuff is in Poundland at the moment! Yep, love my Naked2 <3 xo

  4. Thank you for your comment on my Ben Nye Banana Powder review! :)
    Those boots are gorgeous!

    Natasha Carly x

    1. You're welcome, it was a really interesting post! Thanks, I love them too :D xo

  5. Wow you got loads of fab things! :) The boots are lovely!

    I found you on the BBU blog hop!


    1. Thanks for the follow! Glad you like my purchases :) xo

  6. Oh my gosh, I need those boots. They're such a lovely colour :)
    Can't wait to get paid, this is the second post I've seen today about bargains to be had in TK Maxx.
    Love you blog xxx


    1. Gorgeous, aren't they!? TKMaxx has some right gems in at the moment, I had to be super restrained!
      Aw thank you :) xo


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