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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Review: Aapri Exfoliating Scrub Cream

This is another bargain I've picked up in Poundland recently; Aapri Exfoliating Scrub Cream with Apricot Exfoliants. This is aimed at Normal/Oily skin, which is me down to a T. It comes in a white plastic tube with a snap-open cap and a squeezy top, and the packaging features pictures of apricots and a little product information. At first glace, it reminds me quite strongly of the popular St Ives facial exfoliators, which is what made me pick it up in the first place. According to Aapri's website, "Aapri Exfoliating Facial Scrub Cream is formulated with natural apricot exfoliants and enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil to deep cleanse and remove dirt, grease and dead skin cells. Its deep exfoliation aids the natural process of dead cell removal and helps resurface the fresh and radiant skin."

When squeezed from the tube, the product is a slightly translucent cream, as opposed to the opaque colour of the St Ives scrubs. The exfoliating particles are quite large, which becomes apparent as you rub it onto your skin - this is definitely a scrub for those who like to feel their exfoliators working, but maybe one to avoid if you have sensitive skin. Since this product is aimed at Normal/Oily skin, this is maybe to be expected. Apparently, Oily skin needs more help with exfoliating as the oil means that dead skin cells stick rather than falling away - lovely! You don't need very much product at all as it doesn't dissolve or break down as you use it - I'd say a blob the size of a penny is plenty for my whole face and neck area.

The product has a light, floral scent - nothing I can put my finger on but definitely pleasant and soothing to use. I tend to rub it into damp skin for a couple of minutes, before rinsing well and moisturising. I find it does a really good job of removing and flaky skin, clearing blackheads, and generally leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth, and looking glowing. This is a product I use two or three time a week rather than daily, as it's just not necessary any more than that.
Apricots are popular in skincare due to the fact that they are rich in Beta Carotene and Vitamin A, both of which are antioxidants and are essential to skin's health. Apricots also help to hydrate and revitalise the skin, which crushed apricot kernels make great exfoliators.
Overall, this is definitely one I'll be repurchasing, in part due to its bargain price - you guessed it, just £1 in Poundland, although the RRP is £3.99 for 150ml, which is around the same as St Ives.
Have you seen this scrub in Poundland? Would you try it? Or are you faithful to a particular exfoliator?



  1. I really need to go out and look for this! I love exfoliators and am always up for trying new ones! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥


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