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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review: ChitChat Juicy Stick

I've been eyeing up Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Lip Stains, but have been reluctant to splash out £6 on what is essentially a tinted lipbalm. So, when I saw a post on Terri's blog about a Poundland dupe, I tracked it down sharpish! This is ChitChat's Juicy Stick in shade 'Peony', which cost me (you guessed it!) £1 from Poundland. I don't own the Revlon Stain so I can't make direct comparisons, but they seem like similar products from what I can tell; I think 'Peony' is a pretty close match to Revlon's 'Honey'.

This comes in very "teenage-girl" style packaging but once that's gone, it's a simple pink retractable crayon with a clear plastic cap, nothing fancy but functional. You get a fair amount of product; twisting the base reveals about the same amount as an average lipstick bullet. This applied really nicely to the lips, providing a pretty pale pink tint whilst feeling soft and moisturising.
 photo ChitChatJuicyLipstickPeony_zpsba521aa3.jpg

It easily lasts for a couple of hours, even when eating and drinking, and it fades evenly and is easy to touch up without a mirror due to its balm-like consistency.
ChitChat Juicy Sticks are available from Poundland for £1, and are also available in 'Fiery Red'.
Do you own any of the Revlon Just Bitten Stains? Will you be tracking down the Juicy Sticks?



  1. I saw that post on Terri's blog too and keep meaning to grab one of these! I'm more of a lipstick girl though so I don't know how well I'll like these, cause they're essentially balms, but you say they fade evenly which is a definite plus!


    1. I'd been umming and aahing but decided to go for it after I saw Terri's post! I'm not so much a lipstick girl, I prefer balms so these are right up my street! xo

  2. thank you for you lovely comment, this is a great colour on you! x


  3. i love a good pound land bargain! aha, this looks like a pretty lovely product, i'm a fan of more moisturising balms rather than lipsticks, so i may have to give this a whirl! nothing to loose for £1 anyway! ;)xo

    1. I prefer balms to lipsticks too and I love this! Definitely recommend giving it a try :) xo


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