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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review: MUA Immaculate Collection

Although I did a post on some of the looks I like to create with the Immaculate Collection palette, I've never done a full review with swatches. Since it's one of my most-used palettes (along with Dusk Til Dawn and Urban Decay's Naked2), I thought it made sense to tell you guys what I think! Firstly, I apologise for the fact that these photos are taken once the palette has been used.

The palette contains 24 shades, a mixture of five matte, thirteen shimmery and six glittery numbers. Unlike MUA's 12-shade palettes, these shades are numbered on the back, although I'd still like to see MUA naming their shades. The back of the palette also provides a mini make-up Master-Class, showing you how to create a 'Green Smoulder' look. The packaging is similar to all of MUA's casing, a simple clear and black plastic palette which is lovely and flat, so great for travelling with. I have heard tales of the packaging being quite delicate but this isn't something I've personally had a problem with.

The swatches below are over ELF's Eye Primer. As you can see, the majority of the shades are extremely well pigmented, transferring well from palette to skin. The matte shades are the ones which let the side down, in particular the white (Shade 20).

For some reason, the palette shot here has rotated itself, sorry for the confusion there. These shades from the left of the palette all apply nicely, with a buttery texture and minimal fall-out. All translate well from palette to skin, although Shade 18 (the shimmery champagne in the middle bottom of the swatches) is very translucent and best used as a highlighting shade.

Again, mostly these shades from the middle of the palette apply beautifully. The matte white, shade 20, on the bottom left is all but invisible (in the swatch, you can just see the primer), whilst shade 21, the glittery chocolate brown shade, suffers from a bit of fallout, but otherwise these are good formula-wise. Shades 5 and 6, the blues in the top row, are very similar once applied, and the matte purple, Shade 13, requires some building. Shade 14, the glittery copper on the middle right, is my favourite from the whole palette, giving a gorgeous coppery finish.

The final six shades from the right of the palette are a little iffy; the matte brown at the bottom (Shade 23) requires a lot of building, and the shimmery purple (24) loses a lot of its shimmer once on the skin. The matte grey (16) applies nicely though, and 7, 8 and 15 are all at the high standard of the rest of the palette.
The Immaculate Collection Palette is available from larger Superdrug stores (those stocking the MUA Pro line) or direct from MUA's website, priced at £8.
Do you own the Immaculate Collection Palette? Do you like the look of it?



  1. I picked this up on a blog sale for £4 and i love it, its such a good all-rounder. I have an obsession with MUA pallettes



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